Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is fe 415 steel

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Define Finite element method (FEM)

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the min diameter of steel used in footing are

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why don't we need shear reinforcement in slabs?

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how much quantity of cement(bags)concrete(20mm)and sand(sqft)is used in 1:3:6 PCC

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how much overlap i must to provide in column 16mm dia bar and if i want to save steel by doing welding then how much over lap must be?

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What is Bearing Capacity of Soil? How will you calculate for a particular type of Soil?

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What is the maximum cement content allowed in RCC?


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What is Well Point System in Dewatering

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What are the advantages of Prestressed Concrete

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What is Time at Large?

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What is construction mitigation management?


What are the RISKS during the project construction?


tmt steel

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What is the difference between Normal Concrete and High density concrete?

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3. What are the disadvantages of your present job, things you do not like about it?


pls give me some basic informations in construction of a structure?


1. For 10sq.m area(47 kg bitumen contain) of 45 mm thick bitumen mix much bitumen is required for 1600 sq.m and how much aggregate need for that ?? 2. And much tonnage of bitumen mix required for 10 sq.m area of 45 mm thick. Please give answer...


types of survey and levelling instrument ?


give me the mix proportion for design mix concrete M 7.5 grade 1:4:8


In an aggregate blending plant, water is sprayed before blending is performed. If the fine content in aggregate is as high as 25 %, will not the fines form into lumps / balls and distribution will not be uniform ? Further, the fines will stick onto the interior of pug mill and its content will be low. The mixed material is stockpiled for weeks / months before use. Will it not be better that blending is done in dry condition, and water will be added only during compaction at site. Please forward your comments and suggestions.


if dia of inner circle is 42 m and depth is 1.5 m and width is 1 m ,then whait is the quantity of steel?


How to calculate paint drums per meter square


What is the cost difference between site mix and ready mix concrete per cubic meter


why steel tanks are provided (a) for water pressure (b) for wind pressure (c) for earthquake pressure


What will you do if a portion of load bearing wall collapses under your supervision?


How to calculate Cement in bags ,sand in sqft and aggregate in sqft for 1cum M25 grade concrete


step by step procedure to find out the percentage of steel in coloum,beam,slab,footing in detailed


Wats the formula of eccentric footing and how was calculated from concrete qty


what is meant by residual strain?