Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is fe 415 steel

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Define Finite element method (FEM)

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the min diameter of steel used in footing are

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why don't we need shear reinforcement in slabs?

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how much quantity of cement(bags)concrete(20mm)and sand(sqft)is used in 1:3:6 PCC

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how much overlap i must to provide in column 16mm dia bar and if i want to save steel by doing welding then how much over lap must be?

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What is Bearing Capacity of Soil? How will you calculate for a particular type of Soil?

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What is the maximum cement content allowed in RCC?


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What is Well Point System in Dewatering

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What are the advantages of Prestressed Concrete

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What is Time at Large?

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What is construction mitigation management?


What are the RISKS during the project construction?


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What is the difference between Normal Concrete and High density concrete?

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how to control PQI (Project Quality Index)


what is meant by csr in foundation? what is sbc?what is meant by contour line?


LET ME KNOW HOW IS CALCULATE RUBBLE WALL .3'00" IN BOTTOM 1' 6" IN TOP HEIGHT 8' 0" AVERAGE. length 200'00". please give correct answer.


why are you joining in this (applied post) job and your aim for this job


What do you understand by “preset” during the installation process of bridge bearings?


where can i get the previous question papers for rrb section enginerr (civil)


how much of the strength comes from post-production curing


a rectangle grill of length 72 inch x 20 inch to calculate bar spacing ,bar consist 8 mm thickness and spacing of bar is 2 inch.. calculate no of bar with formula


Providing ,Cutting, bending and positioning of TMT Bar with cost of binding wire


Any strength is a stress but any stress is not strength


What is c.g.i sheet which used for roof??


Whats the meanig of ,'K' VALUE in the case of soil.....


Trapezoidal section footing calculation of Volume & its Area


what will be the cost of thickness of 125mmor rcc measurement of 52x33.75 feet


20 mpa what is the quantity of cement sand and aggregate in one cubic meter of pcc non rainforcement concreate kindly answer including formaula thanks