Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is fe 415 steel

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Define Finite element method (FEM)

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the min diameter of steel used in footing are

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why don't we need shear reinforcement in slabs?

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how much quantity of cement(bags)concrete(20mm)and sand(sqft)is used in 1:3:6 PCC

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how much overlap i must to provide in column 16mm dia bar and if i want to save steel by doing welding then how much over lap must be?

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What is Bearing Capacity of Soil? How will you calculate for a particular type of Soil?

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What is the maximum cement content allowed in RCC?


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What is Well Point System in Dewatering

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What are the advantages of Prestressed Concrete

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What is Time at Large?

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What is construction mitigation management?


What are the RISKS during the project construction?


tmt steel

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What is the difference between Normal Concrete and High density concrete?

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How do You Maintain a structure after getting cube test of low strength.


why we use 19x9x9and 20x10x10 but not other


Please let me know about answer for my Question as "What is the maximum wastage allowable of HYSD Steel in any Bridge project as per Code and Code reference also ?


what is the basic difference between Coloumn & Shear Wall


How many lbs are there in a yard?


In cement concrete how to check a quality of material also proportion of material at site ?


Spider cracks occur in beam bottom due to––


What year was the keystone power plant in Indiana County constructed?


Find out Cutting Length of Steel for Right angle Triangle? Where Opposite Side 4m, Adjacent side 6m. (Assume cover 40mm)


I want to know the material required per square foot in rcc roof. i.e. steel: kg/foot, cement/foot etc.


how do we calculate quantity of cement sand and aggregates in 1m3 of m20 m25 grade concrete?


How much quantity water should be placed in one cubic meter area?


step by step procedure to find out the percentage of steel in coloum,beam,slab,footing in detailed


in the construction of residential building what type of tank are used?where?why & what is its purpose?


how i convert mm into standard wire guage (SWG)no.