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What is the difference between opc cement to ferro cement

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what is difference of NP3 and NP4 pipe and what is the thickness of 1000mm dia NP4 pipe


what"s the ratio for M30,M35,M40,M80 grade concrete?


What is the difference between opc cement to ferro cement


What is the accepted silt content in sand for concreting purpose by volume method?

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what"s the M book?

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How to calculate the quantity of water in cement mortar eg. CM 1:3?


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How to find the thickness of RCC concrete ex.10'x10'. what"s the thickness, we provide and what"s the formula?


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describe about Hollow bricks? where the hollow brick "ll use& what"s the purpose?

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how 2 find out slap steel quantity ? plz help me


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is there any difference in footing and slab reinforcement?

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What"s mean by water macadam road (WBM)?

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What"s mean by water bound macadam road(WBM)?


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all engineering filed in which branch mother branch

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In csae of hume pipes NP stands for Non Pressure bur what does it really mean?


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what could be the production cost of 1 cum of concrete by CP30 plant


5. Two long boundary walls run parallel to each other at a center to center distance of 1 meter apart. The width and height of the first wall are 0.30 m and 2.5m respectively. While those of the second are respectively 0.18m and 3.5m. Plot the distribution of vertical stress intensity due to walls on a horizontal plane, 1m below ground level. The walls have negligible depth of foundation and are made of brick masonry (y = 19.2 kN/m cu)


what is flexible and rigid footing?


what is idealized curve for concrere and steel


how many men days of loburs and masons are requirete for 1 cum,pcc (1:2:4),Pcc(1:3:6) and Pcc(1:4:8) thanking you


How good are the Weinerberger Porotherm bricks that are being used in construction in Chennai, India. Its being used in non load bearing walls and has a compressive strength greater that 35 kg/cm^2 and a density of approx.694 - 783 kg/m3.


If 40 backlogs are cleared m finally with 65 percent marks . Am I eligible to get visa to US


if i used salt as a add mixture in concrete, then what will happen and what are the naturally available add mixtures.


How to calculate the area in squarefeets ?How much area of sqft for this measurements?East 53.3ft West 54ft North 47.7ft South 51.1ft ?


please briefly explain calculating or estimating steel quantity for a RCC column?


dialation means


why are you joining in this (applied post) job and your aim for this job


how can calculate material in 1:1.5:3 ratio in concrete


How is improve my knowledge in construction industries....


i want to ecil (Electronics Corporation of India Limited Hyderabad) previous civil engineering question papers immediately please.............