Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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To pcc 11 ft x 24 ft .How many bags of cement, sand and aggregate required? And for roofing how many cgi sheets required?

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How will be cutting in timber plate size 600*400 column size


satart to end steps by step process of building construction...? i want to planning theme accuretly


how to estimate costing from quantity givin in BOQ and according to this how we fill tender and final rate for perticular work.....?


What is the maximum allowable wastage in pouring of Ready Mix Concrete received at location with transit mixtures. Work scope includes both Direct Pouring & manual pouring.

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What is c.g.i sheet which used for roof??


strength of bitumen concrete with 80-100 & 60-70 grade bitumen


If specific gravity of cement is less than 3.15 what is the cause?


How to calcuate the quantity of cement,sand for plastering 1:4 12mm thick?


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What is the difference between vitrified and ceramic tiles?

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How to calculate the volume of sloped isolated footing?

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What is the difference between Design and nominal mix?


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practically where this hinge and roller condition used

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How to calculate cement quantity in m20 concrete

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how to calculate the quantity of cement,sand and aggregate when the ratio of mixing is 1:2:3

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How to determine dia of steel for use in column,slab etc. i mean how to calculate the diameter of steel which is to be used in structures.


Whats be the minimum foundation depth of multistoried building as per height of building in individual footing?


How we can calculate the cement, sand,bricks , water , quintity in 1:6 Ratio 1 cubic metre b/w and 1:4 Ratio in 1 Squre metre b/w????


find the discharge of water through a horizental venturimeter having 400mm dia at the inlet main and 150mm dia at thorat.if the diffrential gauge between inlet and thorat shows a pressure head of 25cm mercury. assume coefficient discharge 0.98 and specfic gravity of mercury as 13.6.


sir I got selected in rail vikas nigam limited and they call for interview but i don't what they will ask in interview please guide me if you have any experience


How much quantity of cement and sand required for the inlining of 610mm dia MS pipe 8.7mm thk.Inlining thickness is 10mm and CM ratio is 1:1.5.


1.Fe500 and Fe550 having more yield strength than Fe415.But why are we prefering Fe415.? 2. d^2/162 formula for knowing the steel wt/m apply all these three? Thanks.


what's the formula for calculate pcc for matt(45mm aggregate)?


Define unit atmospheric pressure? Difference between gauge pressure, absolute pressure?


How can we calculate 8- storied Madrasha Building pile capacity by taking SPT value at site?


how can can column be corrected when the design is not safe ? is the increasing the clearcover a solution?


What is eccentricity in laymans term Can't understand bookish language .please explain in easy way.


flow of fluid takes place viscosity compressibilityu surface tension deformation under shear force


how to shuttering is used in slab


how can calculate material in 1:1.5:3 ratio in concrete