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  • Ajnara Group interview questions (4)

Ajnara Group Interview Questions
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What is the rating of your capacitor bank at your company.

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Are you having any structural design experience?

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how to calculate the no of cement bags required for 100sqft of area 12 mm thick plastering in proportion of 1:3,1:4,1:5,1:6?


how to calculate the quantity of cement,sand and aggregate when the ratio of mixing is 1:2:3


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Kindly Help for this Below Scenario, I am going to implement Power BI into our internal software. I’m familiar with the fact that each user can pay $9.99 a month to build and view reports but what I need to know is how can we embed Power BI into our application so that any users that log into our application can see the reports without the monthly fee. I’ve researched enough that it can be done. What I am not familiar with is how to do it or the pricing of embedding it into an application. I think they do pricing on how many renders you do or something. Would you be able to look into how we could embed it into our software and the cost?


What is a Decision Tree Algorithm?


. what are insurance items?


How to move a CS-RCS project to CS-CVS?


Hi All I want discuss abt Testing tools is any one available online in google chat?


In a flight window we have to enter the name and meal request for every passenger.In that window if we give Total passengers=1 then the Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field will reflects.if we give Total passengers=2 then Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field,Psngr2 name field and psngr2 meal request field and so on. how we can handle this scenerio thru Descriptive programming?


what is the difference b/w the refresh and buffered data?


Why we use nhexane inplace of hexane in mobilepase preparation


How to grow adherent cells without attachment?


Q- What are the application in which PNP transistor is preferred over NPN ?


I want to capture data(using keyword) from msdos application using QTP?... Below is little work i could do on it... /* Set app=CreateObject("") ("C:\Users\Agent\Desktop\pumpsim\PUMPSIM.EXE") Window(“PUMPSIM.EXE”).Activate wait(3) app.sendkeys "N" */ Thanks in advance...!!!


Gas equation


3phase motor can be used as a Prime mover for alternator.


can 2 tier architecture can be change as a 3 tier architecture


Name some companies that use Hadoop?


Ajnara Group Interview Questions
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