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why no deduction for steel is made in the volume of concrete?

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How to test the soil compaction test?

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What is the method of soil replacement test?


how to find number of 16mm bar reqired for 5m length with 125 mm spacing ?

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Dear Sir , I have my diploma in civil engineering in distance mode, so can i do my B.teck in regular stream . kindly suggest Regards Ramakrishna

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where do Tie beams used in foundations?


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Brick work how many days curing and at any concreting pl


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Dear Sir What is the Contraction joint for base Slab



please know me that required quantity of cement , sand , water and bricks for 1 cub meter of brick work

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how to calculate round stirrups.

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What is the lap length for tension members if you have 16 dia steel bar and a concrete fc=30.9 and steel grade60 fy=414 mpa


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What is the compressive strength of noramal clay bricks and AAC bricks??. which one is better for load bearing wall//

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M25calculate of formula which in kg cement of 1cum

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How to correct a column which don't have sufficient cover?


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about higyway engineering


Scaffolding IS code NO.


if dia of slab beam bar is38mm what its clear cover any method of provide clear cover


Volume of 25kg putty bag & 40 kg putty bag volume??


how to calculate MR 9(derivation)


how do you calculate the quantity of steel,cement for plinth beam. (example size 41'*0.58'*1.08')


how meny typs of renging rod?


when reinforcement binding completed if there is more cover than the required what is the solution to reduce the cover?


quantity of material needed for rubble stone masonry for 1:4 and 1:6


how to convert sand in Cft to Kgs


why are you joining in this (applied post) job and your aim for this job


how to calculate cost of raw materials of a building for 1000 sqft & also consolidated cost of labour in a 1000 sqft building


In how many types u can do POP on ceiling and walls(on which material or by using which material)? b) what is the difference between dry , oil bound, enamel, acrlyic type of painting? 2nd :- I have certain queries, please help to solve. a) length of pile bore is 4m.excavation quantity will be area * length where area will be pi/4 * dia*dia. Is this right? b) It is a single reamed pile of 300m dia and reamed dia is 750mm. can any body help me to calculate excavated quantity of this bulb(reamed section),, concrete quantity in bulb with showing the formulas to be used?


how much is the maximum compressive strength of soil cement and soil-cement-microsilica .


cud any one send me tech quest paper(civil engg) at