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why no deduction for steel is made in the volume of concrete?

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How to test the soil compaction test?

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What is the method of soil replacement test?


how to find number of 16mm bar reqired for 5m length with 125 mm spacing ?

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Dear Sir , I have my diploma in civil engineering in distance mode, so can i do my B.teck in regular stream . kindly suggest Regards Ramakrishna

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where do Tie beams used in foundations?


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Brick work how many days curing and at any concreting pl


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Dear Sir What is the Contraction joint for base Slab



please know me that required quantity of cement , sand , water and bricks for 1 cub meter of brick work

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how to calculate round stirrups.

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What is the lap length for tension members if you have 16 dia steel bar and a concrete fc=30.9 and steel grade60 fy=414 mpa


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What is the compressive strength of noramal clay bricks and AAC bricks??. which one is better for load bearing wall//

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M25calculate of formula which in kg cement of 1cum

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How to correct a column which don't have sufficient cover?


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Specific gravity of cement?


how many kg of 20mm, 10mm, dust available in one ton stone boulder


A roof has a U value = 0.65 W/m2 .C. Extra insulation is to be provided. This insulation has a thermal resistance = 1.5 m2"C/W. Calculate the new improved U value.


The building has 12 columns of 12x9 in 3 rows of 4 each in a plot of 50'x30', The central row is strengthened with 16mm twisted rods. The roof area is 1500 sft including balconies. calculate the load factor per sft. Also indicate the number of roofs the building can withstand.


how to absorb to site basic corrections? which are the important correction?


Permissible wastage of cement as per IS code ? In which IS code I get it?


how we calculate the vol.of wet concrete..?


Can we use concrete of slump cone in cube casting in which we have already measured slump?

377 ideal size of bricnk use in india,joint size of mortar in massinary ,how many bricks used in to test at site.what is the possition of marka used in bricks?


if the nitrates more than 45mg/l in water lead to disease then what is it called


is concealed wiring a problem in fly ash brick wall?


In cement concrete how to check a quality of material also proportion of material at site ?


I need to constructive work in amaraj batteries


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What should be the maximum allowable time for placing ready mix concrete? The specification requires concrete placement within 90 minutes of batching at the plant. What is the significance of this 90 minutes & should this be used as a rejection criterion? What effects does the concrete has after that time period?