Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What in your past experience or education prepares you for the position for which you are applying


How to calculate the amount of Brick,cement & sand required for 1 cum of 115mm thick brick work with ratio 1:5 please give me an answer with detailed step


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is plate load test can be done on cohesive soils for immediate settlements ?


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How many cement & sand require in 300 sq ft plaster 8mm thickness

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What is the civil engineer

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1:6 ratio block work purpose how much cement used

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what is crimping and cripling?

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What isthe formula for square

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sir I got selected in rail vikas nigam limited and they call for interview but i don't what they will ask in interview please guide me if you have any experience

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Is it possible 18" beam rest on 18" beam and created the junction on beam instead of column?


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How many number of cement bags per running metre are required to cast pileof M-20 grade


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Cement consumption of one cubic meter of aerocon blocks masonry?

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I want to know the material required per square foot in rcc roof. i.e. steel: kg/foot, cement/foot etc.



why we use for testing of compression strength concrete the size of specimen 150x150x150. why we are not using another dimension like 100x150x100 uneven dimension.

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how to calculate steel quantity of column from steel design

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How to arrive the co- efficient of all civil activities? For ex:- painting-enamel in wooden doors. co efficient is 1.8. How this is calculated


In BBS,Find out the cutting length for a 2000*2200 column with 50 mm cover?


percentage of metal,clay or soil & water in water bond macadam roads to know the quantities for each in total volume of 11500 cubic meters


what is column foundation


What mean by Characteristic strength of concrete (fck)


What are the methods in tiles flooring ? What are the methods in brick work? What are the methods in plastering ? What are the methods in wall tiling?


what is the code provision for acceptance of fineness modulus range for fine aggregates in design mix


How to check slab shuttering level.? Or check list for slab ?


how can calculate cutting length of diamond ring


how to take concrete quantity for precast segment for viaduct project?


For submitting the project loan for bank Residential bldg,Suppose we take Provinding RCC mix 1:2:4 for footings No of footings,length ,Breadth,Height ,qty in cum, at last unit/Rate(Rs) ,i would like to know how do we get the unit/Rate


why is M25 and Fe 500 assumed to be most economical? i feel it is not.This is because higher grade of concrete and steel has higher lapping length and anchorage length compared to lower grades..


sir how can we find the cement and sand required for making 4" drop


How we can calculate the cement, sand,bricks , water , quintity in 1:6 Ratio 1 cubic metre b/w and 1:4 Ratio in 1 Squre metre b/w????


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