Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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How many weight per 1meter cube of concrete for column.

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How many cement sand ballast in cc 1:4:8 40mm


What is mean by grade of steel?if Fe 415,Fe500- what is this 500 and 415 denotes?


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01m3 cement mortar in cement qty in kg


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How to calculate the quantity of ingredients of M20 grade concrete?


I have an plot with area 35*47 = 182.77 sq yards. Out of this iam planning to construct house with 1350 sqfeet each floor .iwanted to build a G+2 house.Need cost estimation for each item


How to calculate or what is the process of calculation for making 1Metre squre area by AAC Blok which quantity of Cement, Sand & Chips are to be required?

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what is the quantity of cement( in bags),sand and aggregates required for 1 cmt of M 25 concrete

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What is the bending moment ?

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How to calculate steel quantity in beam and column?

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How to calculate quanty of steel in four leg stirrups?



for 200 kg of cement how is the mix proportion in kg for m25 grade of concrete



What is the factor of safety in civil engineering


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What is all weather canal

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how calculate volume of bulb(rimmer) of pile

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how to calculate the strength of rebound hammer test reading in building construction ?


Does VDF add strength to the flooring apart from preventing water ingress?


why we are useing plastic under the lean concrete?and whts the advantage?


Design a shear wall of length 4.20 m and thickness of 250mm subjected to the following forces.Assume Fck = 25Mpa and Fy = 415Mpa and the wall is a high wall with central part 3440mm x 250mm and two 380mm x 760mm strong bands at each end with following loading. S.No.       Loading        Axial force      Moment     Shear 1               DL+LL          1950              600            20 2           Seismic load       250              4800          700


In cement concrete how to check a quality of material also proportion of material at site ?


how much st. steel is required for staging of concourse slab of a elevated metro station allowing through traffic .


What is the name of this multiplication factors ?


What is the density of DLC & PQC and how it is differ from normal concrete?


What will be weight of 0.5mm GI sheet per sq.ft?


a butt weld is specified by


01. a. Diagram of a slump cone…………… 1 b. Size of Slump Cone…………… 1 c. Volume of a slump cone by av. Dia method…………… 1 d. Volume of a slump cone by av. area method…………… 1 e. Volume of a slump cone by frustrum method …………… 1 f. Angles of slump cone …………… 1 g. Slump measured by slump cone due to…………… 1 h. Slump does not measured by cylinder / cube due to …………… 1 i) ii) i. Slump cone is to be filled in……………………..Layers.


what is the minimum compressive strength of clay brick


Minimum and maximum size of the building components


Is it necessary to apply tack coat over the primecoat. IF not what happens.answers other than superimpose the next layer(2) to adhere the layers so as to form homogenity.


Exterior Joints,define