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what is the safe bearing capacity of hard murum? can we consider it 50 ton?m2

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how much solid block in 1m3

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why top layer of block work shoud be full size if any cut block adjustable than another layer?


how to calculate the rebar depth if forgot the foundation reinforcement (main steel)? is that any calculation or formula we have data sheet of supplier what depth what is the pull out capacity is mensioned in data sheet. if any IS code than its help full to me.


What is Niminal mix and Design Mix ? write difference between them ?

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why construction joint in the slab should be l/3 of span? what's the technical reason for that?

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Why we provide chair for slab reinforcement? How to place chair distributors to distributors or top distributors to bottom main?


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types of laps in column


why red bricks used for brickbat coba

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how much time will take for G+22 building for completion? activity wise like excavation,sub structure,superstructure,finishing,handover?


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Give list of building construction equipment & explain about them in brief. How much is output of JCB, POCLAIN, Steel cutting & bending machine, material hoist, tower crane?


What is Paste :

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Which is beneficial for shuttering a Plywood os accrow plate & why ?

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The ff slab casted its thickness 100mm.2nd floor slab will be casting its 300 we shall be given suppot to that 300mm thk slab.ple way me


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what is the relation between pitch of steel and depth of slab?



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what is the type of earthing


yasser arfatcompleted his degree in civil from which university


cement, sand, aggregate,reinforcement & concrete consumption per square feet in multi storeyed building


Coverage of 25mm.thick ratio of 1:4 cement mortar?


What is meaning of FREE STANDING STAIRCASE ?


For elevated service Reservoirs what will be the output of each skilled carpenter and bar bender.


Dear Engineers, Can you please advise me the material requirement to construct a room 4 M x 4 M 1. No. of Standard Brick 2. Requirement of Cement Bags 3. And Concrete for Steel, Cement, sand, etc Thanks


Steel requirement in kg of 6" thk slab Total qty 32.64 m3 Beam / column qty 35.39 m3


In the different classes or grades of concrete, what is the difference between C20, M20 B20. what are the letters C, M, and B stands for.


Gave a cantilever beam with 3 legs.Told to draw the bending moment diagrams, axial force diagrams and shear force diagrams.From BMD he asked to show how the reinforcement will be provided on the tension side.


How do you calculate load bearing capacity of a waffle slab?


Hi I had missed my mark list (first year-apr2003)how i search in my old mark details in internet and which web site? pl inform me in full details..


how pumping of concrete effects the quantity of material used in it?


what is the weight of 10mm,20mm,40mm aggregate


explain fie benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process