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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the safe bearing capacity of hard murum? can we consider it 50 ton?m2

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how much solid block in 1m3

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why top layer of block work shoud be full size if any cut block adjustable than another layer?


how to calculate the rebar depth if forgot the foundation reinforcement (main steel)? is that any calculation or formula we have data sheet of supplier what depth what is the pull out capacity is mensioned in data sheet. if any IS code than its help full to me.


What is Niminal mix and Design Mix ? write difference between them ?

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why construction joint in the slab should be l/3 of span? what's the technical reason for that?

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Why we provide chair for slab reinforcement? How to place chair distributors to distributors or top distributors to bottom main?


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types of laps in column


why red bricks used for brickbat coba

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how much time will take for G+22 building for completion? activity wise like excavation,sub structure,superstructure,finishing,handover?


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Give list of building construction equipment & explain about them in brief. How much is output of JCB, POCLAIN, Steel cutting & bending machine, material hoist, tower crane?


What is Paste :

Future Group,

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Which is beneficial for shuttering a Plywood os accrow plate & why ?

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The ff slab casted its thickness 100mm.2nd floor slab will be casting its 300 we shall be given suppot to that 300mm thk slab.ple way me


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what is the relation between pitch of steel and depth of slab?



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is there any influence of water(used for mixing of concrete) on a weight of harndend concrete.


16 questions out of 55 were from the book GUPTA N GUPTA OBJECTIVE of civil engineering. Total ques were 4 ques from hydraullics, 7 from BMC, 4 FROM SOM, 4 from soil mechanics, 6 from transportation, 5 from engineering drawing.


How to design 12*12*14 room having rrc slab ,coloum, beam,foundation?


What are the ingredients of pre-stressed concrete?


Rate analysis of Vitrified tile in cement mortor 1:3


what are the changes in concrete pour height as per IS 456, 2009?


residential buildings,mixing of concrete,structural,construction material,site handling.


What is the Unit weight of coarse sand (F.M- 2.20) ?????


I what know about life time of frp tank plz explain about it specifications & other details


Explain the mechanism of cavitations in pipes and drains?


what is a well


Currently my house construction is going on but we just realized that the portico earth beam couldn't connect with the original earth because the beam rod not extended so Please advice


400 ku d/c clearess ketan hota hai?


How to estabilish reinforcement Steel rolling margin for a building projects ?


what might be the problem faced in the near future if the M-sand is used in the place of river sand during wall plastering? (As per IS)