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if dia of slab beam bar is38mm what its clear cover any method of provide clear cover



percentage of metal,clay or soil & water in water bond macadam roads to know the quantities for each in total volume of 11500 cubic meters


what is the basic idea of well sinking????

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what is the Asfalt test?in road constraction..?


how calculate the bearing from two coordinates?

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how to calculate the loads on slab? what are the steps?


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why main steel is to be reinforced in shorter direction in case of slab?

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what is steel

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sir tell me the formula for calculating the volume of 380mm dia double under reamed pile of 4.0 mts depth.


tell me height of colum casting if slab height 3mtr beam thikness 500mm and slab thik 150mm please write formula sir

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how many lab test on bricks and aggregate write briefly please

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best option for job in construction govt or pvt for engg


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how we can calculate the quantity of sand & cement & also Aggregate so give me to this answer for a slab Length is : 25' /3.28 = 7.62 Mtr Width is : 30' /3.28 = 9.14 Mtr Depth is : 0.6"/3.28 = 0.15 2Mtr


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How we can calculate the quantity of sand, & cement, & also aggregate for a slab. Length 25'/3.28 = 7.62 Mtr width 20'/3.28 = 6.09 Mtr depth 6" /3.28 = 0.152 Mtr

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Reinforcement details at hinged joint


how do you calculate the quantity of steel,cement for plinth beam. (example size 41'*0.58'*1.08')


Is there any course for billing available in Mumbai? If yes then please mail me the details..


How u can calculate the Octagon ring distance from center of raft in 275 mtr chimney slipform errection? cantact no:0993455097


why is M25 and Fe 500 assumed to be most economical? i feel it is not.This is because higher grade of concrete and steel has higher lapping length and anchorage length compared to lower grades..


afe or not


How to calculate carrying capacity of the existing water supply trunkmain


How much cement and water required for cement selery????


what are the strength theories for yeilding and fracture materials. state the theory more suited for 1. mild steel or 2. concrete


To pcc 11 ft x 24 ft .How many bags of cement, sand and aggregate required? And for roofing how many cgi sheets required?


how to calculate the length diamond shaped striupps in column


if i used salt as a add mixture in concrete, then what will happen and what are the naturally available add mixtures.


how many sqft or cft of work done by a mason per day in all works such as brick,block,concrete,shuttering carpenter,reinforcement fabricator,painter,door window carpenter.....everything thank you


How many cement sand ballast in cc 1:4:8 40mm


in the construction of residential building what type of tank are used?where?why & what is its purpose?