Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how much distance to provide lap lengths in footings,plinth beams, columns, beams& slabs


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what is the m20 grade concrete ingredients?

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how to calculate the length diamond shaped striupps in column



how to calculate cement coefficient for 20mm thick vitrified tiles flooring with cm 1:4 with explaination

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how to calculate rate analysis for column shuttering

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Approximate weight of a modular brick?

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how much quantity of bending wire required for 1sqmts

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what is the theoritical percentage of concrete cubes testing per day?


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How many bricks will be fit in one cubic meter, if the brick measurement is 0.20cm X0.08, If you also write down the formula for this question too.


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how many pcs of steel bundule in all dia 8,10,12,16,25,32,40 please how many pcs in bundle of packing??

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how is the reinforcement is distributed in triangular slab



what is the load capacity of bored pile pile dia 500mm

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What are the govt approvals required for starting of power project. means from initial site grading and excavation work.exm. blasting in hard rock, deep excavation, cut off trees from site.


Method for Calculating the WEIGHT OF ANGLE ?

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What is the cutting length formula of tringle ring?

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what course did you consider thinking before you enrolled in college?


what are the values of compressieve strenght?


how to nfind out the specific gravity of sand.aggregate,water please help...


What is thumb rule in quality and quantity estimation of a Residential building??


what is moment-curvature relationship in semi rigid connections??


Why do we not deduct steel volume to find actual volume of concrete in practical as we have studied that,,, actual volume of concrete = volume of column- volume of steel pls explain with reference of IS code?????


what is the criteria for the finalisation of pavement thickness in road project?


will fix foundation bolts at site with out template is there any procedure?


what is the tensile strength of 10swg and 8swg gabion wire?


what r the precaution for high in atp tempareture,low in atp tempareture


please, what is the required bar for a column of 6mx6m the dept is 405mmx300mm,its an axially loaded ?


what are the forces acting on gantry girder


give me the mix proportion for design mix concrete M 7.5 grade 1:4:8


A doubly reinforced concrete beam is 25 cm wide and 50cm deep to the centre of tension reinforcement. The centre of compression is steel is 5cm from the compression edge. The areas of the compression and the tension steel are 10.16cm2 and 12.56 cm2 if m=18 and the bending moment at the section is 7,000,000 N-cm. Calculate the stress in concrete and steel.


what should be RCC material i.e iron rod(mm)x cement x stone x sand for laying of slab L 42'x B 22'x tk 0.375ft = 1nos & column of H 17'x15"x8" 2nos.