Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the wastage % of concrete in Conventional shuttering design & Mivan Shuttering for high rise building.

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how much binding wire required per tonne slab beam columns


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how much grade of concrete can be used for different structural element such as slab,beam,column,footing & plinth beams? and type of cement can be used in construction work & also types of cemnt grades


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what is civil enginnering & what you need of this course?



the building construction what type of equipments are used in site and its purpose?

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the steel diameters(mm) as 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,25,28,32...etc these are used in construction work but which mm size can be used for different structural element such as beams,columns,slabs,footing ?


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what is the unit weight of steel(kg/cum)& unit weight of concrete in(kg/cum)?


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the construction of building in that primary thing is dig the soil which what depth will dig in stiff soil


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how many express way in india


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what is mean by quality in terms of construction

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what is the density of concrete & steel? where we are using pycnometer? what is bulking of sand? what is under reinforced & over reinforced? what is balanced section?

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what is the initial setting time & maximum duration concrete get hardening for ordinary portland cement?

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what is the minimum grade of concrete used in rcc(reinforced cement concrete)

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1.(a.) how do you calculate the volume of mortar for 1 piece of block 450mm x 225mm x 225mm. (b.) calculate for 1sqm

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the capacity of water tank in liters if the diameter is 3m, and maximum height of water level as 1m.

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I am doing a engineering contract with GOI. I have purchased certain material from outside Maharashtra and paid CST on that material @ 5.25%. Please intimate whether I will be liable for VAT or VAT on works contract or not.


what is meant by sustainable developement as far construction field is considered. Give suitable examples to explain the same


howto calculate the quantities of material used in fly ash brick after finding the volume??


do you think we shall remove un wanted soil for foundation excavation even if the thickness of the soil strata is more than 8m ?


Would you cause a 55-gallon drum of water to weigh more by climbing in?


how much is the maximum compressive strength of soil cement and soil-cement-microsilica .


What is the standard specification of MOR and Water Absorption of Homogenous Ceramic Floor Tiles?


Cut Linten (RCC-1:2:4)on 10" wall - what should be the width and hight of cut Linten? Secondly, 1 X 1.6 foot,4" thick window sun/rain shed (Chajja)should consume steel,Cement, sand and Stone chips?


if we use 1.25 bag of cement 3 pharma metal and 2 pharma crush sand what is the strenghtexpected for RCC column


How much quantity of cement and sand required for the inlining of 610mm dia MS pipe 8.7mm thk.Inlining thickness is 10mm and CM ratio is 1:1.5.


Describe the sections included in a typical bill of quantities


What are the uses of layer?


What is the use of mirror command?


What are the RISKS during the project construction?