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how to calculate the weight of bending wire for 1sqmts .how much bending use for 1ton steel


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100 cubic meter of concrete will contain how much amount of cement, sand and aggregate to form a mix of M15

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how much least count of levelling ?


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levelling least count


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percentage of wastage limits in construction materials EX : min & max . cement = fine aggregate = coarse aggregate = admixture = wood = tiles = painting = marbles = bricks =


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design the irrigation canal(b,B,h )head is 3tms of water is supplied to the 200hectars of area and the base period crop is 150days dance to water travels as 35km.the canal section is trapezoidal and also calculate the slop the canal


in a building what is the thickness of a wall in metres? dafault wall value?

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what is mc arther pile?


What are new methods /technologies of pothole patching?


how much quantity of steel required for 1sqmt area?

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how many bags of cement are needed to make a cement mortar of 1:3

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What is eccentricity in laymans term Can't understand bookish language .please explain in easy way.


For 25mm thick plastering how much sand and cement is used for 1 sft

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how much cement and sand is used for plastering 1646 sq feet,for 12mm thickness and ratio 1:4


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how find the cut length of tringular ring and any formula find out the quantity of circular brick work

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Design a reinforced concrete combined footing (rectangular) for two columns located 3.60 metres apart. The overall sizes of the columns are 40cm x 40cm and 69cm x 60cm and the loads on them are 1000 kn and 1500 kn respectively. The space available for the width of the footing is restricted to 180cm. The S.B.C. of the soil is 280 kn/mm2 use M15 concrete.


how to calculate load for a bungalow and 1column carry how much load if the size of column ,9"*15" .....or total structure load......


What is the difference between pvc,cpvc and upvc and where it is used as per their properties?????


Maximum cement content in 1cum for RCC and PSC? (please give IS,IRC referance?


water leak detection system question & answer


While calculating the weight of the steel per running meter, the formula used is [(dxd)/162]. Why 162 is used in denominator & how it is derived?


IN Compression testing machine 1division =10KN ,then what is compressive strength of 100*100 mm cubes at a load of 320 KN


1.what type of the rock is most suitable for wet mix macadam in construction of road? 2.what is the highest maximum dry density and optimum moisture content can be acheive by using most suitable crush rock?


why +1 to be followed for calculating the no of bars in BBS. Please explain


Normally in slabs, steel quantity is not added when you calculating concrete quantity for that slab, why it is not added ?


How much cost will come for 900 sq ft cement plastering


how to calculate weight of 1.8 cum of aggregate


A rock anchor 3 1/2” in diameter is placed in rock. The which has an allowable shear strength of 1200 psi. Determine the required anchorage length to safely carry a 80 ton load using a 2.0:1 F.S


in the earthquqke the profile of water on dam is parabolic or not


what is zone a n zone b?why the spacing of ring in zone a less.n zone b high?