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what is right time of slab DE shattering and beam boo tam.


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what is the concrete grade for 1034.13N/mmsq

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how many bricks,cement,sand of a 40*30*6 ft bowndry wall?

Simplex, Natco, NGO, SIL, OGDCL,

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what is meant by residual strain?


How many lap joints are sufficient in column reinforcement ?

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How to calculate the Volume of PCC, Footing Base, Footing Column, Grouting, Base Plat and plinth beam

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how to calculate quantity of cement and sand for plastering works in CM 1:6 proportion.....plz answer anyone.....and write the formula...

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weight of 32mm rod/m

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how to calculate concrete quantity from its density or details mentioned in rmc batch report.

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What is Rodding in Chimney construction?


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How u can calculate the Octagon ring distance from center of raft in 275 mtr chimney slipform errection? cantact no:0993455097


What is the difference between EPC,DBOOT and BOOT.


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what in total station list counting

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a concrete mix 1 2 4 by volume with water cement ratio as .6 by weight if moisture content in F.A is 6% with 20% BULKING AND IN C.A 1.5% by volume. find quantities of different materials required for one bag of cement


what is the difference between red bricks& cement bricks

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If we have the center line of the Finnish road level and we want to know what level of pay would have offset the Lhs and Rhus RHS 1,2.5,5 1,2.5,5 m.


What is portland cement


Currently my house construction is going on but we just realized that the portico earth beam couldn't connect with the original earth because the beam rod not extended so Please advice


how to calculate the mortar for 10'*10' size room for both plastering and for masonry work?


a) Difference between Ghol , Chimney & fly ash bricks b)Floor to floor height is 3m , rise=15cm , tread 20 cm , how to design staircase means steps landing


how many kg of 20mm, 10mm, dust available in one ton stone boulder


mean of NH4 pipe


how to find out hard strata in bored pile when the DMC method adopted.


all technical question


what is the name of shuttering oil used in oman


how we calculate the grade of the Bituminous materials.?????


How to fix the reinforcement in footing shorter bar at bottom and longer fix at top.


what are the proper pipes for salt water line


estimate quanitity of bricks(19x9x9cm without mortar), cement & sand in 10feet X 10feet wall ?


Plasterers do how many sqm with spray plaster machine? By hand one mason does 10m2/day. How much they do in Dubai with spray plaster machines?