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what is the procedure to clean the mivan technically?

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which tie is used in binding of steel double tie or single ti?

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Plz tell how to find out stell bend correction for all angle of bend and in where it is? Plz answer

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1)What's are the diff. types of column based on loading? 2)Is there any difference bitween Development length & Anchorage Length? 3) What is the basic diff. between one way & two way slab? 4) Where should use OPC & where should PPC?


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how much quantity of cement,sand and water required for 1 sq feet flooring work .

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what is the procedure to make compressive strength test for concrete cube in lab

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Iwant to calculate the production of 1 labour for concrete casting which includes shuttering,scaffolding,steel fixing,concreting, deshuttering and curing in 8hours.But i am not able to determine it approximately would you pls.??

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In colomn reinforcement when dia of bar is going to change, than what should be the lap length of bars weather it should be of heigher dia bar lap length or it should the accordance with new dia bar. the grade of concrete is same.

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What is the cost of Brickwall ( 4")(1:4) thick wall total Area 245 sqft with plaster(1:6). With all materials including.

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what is project planning


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Normally in slabs, steel quantity is not added when you calculating concrete quantity for that slab, why it is not added ?

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What is the amount on nails per bag needed for 1m square of wooden form work?

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what is civil all interview questions

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which formula used for calculate the area of segmental arch?



What is bending moment?

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Hi how r u ? hope you are fine there . Please can u tell me tha Design life of Buildings as Per ACI CODE 318-99. It will be a pleasure for me .Thanks in advance


how to nfind out the specific gravity of sand.aggregate,water please help...


Is there any course for billing available in Mumbai? If yes then please mail me the details..


what is your role of in previous company as a construction manager


what is the cost difference of a same structure when it is constructed with brick masonary and when it is constructed with block masonary and concrete as a frame structure????????????????????????


As per Kandal suggestions, we have implemented rolling starts on 140 (+/- 5) degrees and we kept 3 rollars to complete the rolling before falling 125 degrees and the Aggregate AIV is below 22. But When the DBM bed is being rolled 3rd high viabration, (Before 1 plain & low ,2 high Viabrations), the aggregate is getting sharp edge agg. projections are damaged. As the literature is said that, the VG-30 Grade having better control the temp. susceptibility than Penetration grade. if so we could not get this problem at site. But we are facing on site. let me know.


What will be weight of 0.5mm GI sheet per sq.ft?


how to take concrete quantity for precast segment for viaduct project?


PL.tell me about civil engineering questions with answer


How to calculate cement, water, fly ash amount for 1 cum if the w/c ratio is 0.4 and fly ash to cement ratio is 1:9


HOw much % of premium on DSR-2013 currently


i) Distinguish between Theodolite and dumpy Level? (Marks-8) ii)Distinguish between Viscous and Turbulent flow? (Marks-8) iii) Distinguish between nominal and design mix? iv) What is standard sand? v) Explain the term plane stress? Vi) Differentiate between principal plane and principal axis? Vii) write short notes on Elastic limit of structural steel? viii) Write short notes on stress concentration? ix) write short notes on "Grading of Sand" ? x) How many grades of concrete are there under standard concrete?


How much quantity of cement Bag for block masonry (1:4) for 1 cu.m? Block size (150x200x400) Mortar Thickness 20mm


relation bet Coefficient consolidation Cv, time factor Tv, drainage path d, & time t is Cv=d2Tv/t Cv=d2t/Tv Cv=tTv/d2 Cv=Tv/td2


how to calculate the concrete mix m30 by volume