Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how to calculate the load bearing capacity of slab hos thickness and steel are already given?

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What is the difference between RCC & PCC?

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What is language of Engineering?


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what is bulkage

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if L*B*H = 20 then direct no of bricks =20 *500


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what is the diff between sudden loading and impact loading?

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what is chicken mesh?explain its use

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How to find out slope footing concrete

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If your drg told used 600 dia hume pipe for culvert but due to market problem available 300 dia hume pipe,den how much humepipe you provide(300 dia) instead of 600 dia?

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Actually i am confused that how to calculate the bending moment for a semi-circular beam and curved slab.If any one have a good idea about the matter,please give the answer with a suitable example. Thank you......



if 6.0M x3.0M Boat floating on water One person Sit on Boat Then the boat Sink about 15cm .Then what is the wt of person.

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cement, sand, aggregate,reinforcement & concrete consumption per square feet in multi storeyed building


shuttering consumption per square feet in multi storeyed building?


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which type of crust is best suitable to develop flexible pavement in rural roads i.e either with wet mix macadam or Water Bound Macadam and its reasons.


which chemical is used for corroded steel

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4. Differentiate between NC and OC soils. Draw curves for (i) Stress vs Strain (ii) Volume charge vs Strain (iii) Pore pressure vs Strain for these soils


Please send me the qunty. of mason/labour required in each day for different type of civil construction work?please send me ans. in my mail id is ( or here.


the magnitude of the buoyant force can be determine by newtons law of viscosity archimidies principal principles of momemnt none


Anyone have sample questions for bhel interview.please send me as Iam appearing for the interview on 19th sep2008. Kindly send this to my e-mail:


could u tell me how to used deform stell bar in reinforce concret?i wanna know the general using in the site!


how to calculate number of bitumen for road asphalt


can we compare the combined core of DBM and BC density with average density of Lab DBM and Lab BC density


In the different classes or grades of concrete, what is the difference between C20, M20 B20. what are the letters C, M, and B stands for.


What is meaning of Canceled/Flat Beam. What is difference between them? Both type of beam can bear same load if size (width)of the flat beam is increases and depth is same as slab thickness? Kindly suggest to me.


How to calculate Volume of Wet cement concrete for a specific grade?


How to find out slope footing concrete


what is the proper procedure in conducting a california bearing ratio penetration test on soil on cbr machine?


How to calculate the weight of sand am 20mm course aggregate in 1 c.m M25 concrete Which use 400 kg of cement ?


How to determine thee cut length for steel reinforcement bars in R.C.C design


How to calculate concret slab? W l t(4mts*5*2fts) ratio m25 grade pls tell me procedure