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Doul Bar reinforcement and details of drawing.

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1.How much strength will be attained for M30 grade of concrete after 28 days? 2.Is it attain 30 N/mm2 or target mean strength?

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What is Curtailing of R/F


is there any codal provision for soil cousion over the Hume pipe of Dia 1.2 m.


1)define the critical items in rcc framed G+18 bldg. as Cr Activity 1,Cr Activity 2,Cr Activity 3...etc. 2)on what logic is MSP and Primavera planning based.FS SF FF...

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What is the calculation for finding cement and sand for 10' * 12' area ratio 1:6 thickness 12 mm


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What is the quantity of metal 1 & metal 2 to be used in 100 cft concrete?


what is a pretension and post tension with an example

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Is density and unit weight are same, if not why both r having same unit, wats the difference between them.

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wat is the necessity of finding shear and bending moment in a structure. wat will happen if it is not consider. other than shear cracks and deflection is there any other failure happen.

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where vr providing singly reinforced beam. i want to know the location of it in a building

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Can we provide lapping of R/f steel for plinth beam in support portion(At column)?

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What is mean by Engineers ?

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silt maximum in sand.


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rasio for outer plaster thickness for wall


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Direct chairs over shutter / beside earth is prohibited because of ––


why is M30 grade Concrete use for Foothing & Column M50


what could be the production cost of 1 cum of concrete by CP30 plant


in 100 cft = 1350 bricks in 100 cft = ? bloks


What is the procedure of concealed plumbing in toilets?


Cut Linten (RCC-1:2:4)on 10" wall - what should be the width and hight of cut Linten? Secondly, 1 X 1.6 foot,4" thick window sun/rain shed (Chajja)should consume steel,Cement, sand and Stone chips?


Currently my house construction is going on but we just realized that the portico earth beam couldn't connect with the original earth because the beam rod not extended so Please advice


I used Etabs software to analyse a high-rise building. And I want to use templated UBC-codes inside to calculate the Seismic load. My question is: whether or not I have to control the seismic load by base shear load which is manual calculation? (just for more clarification: I can control this by input the scale factor into Eartquake definition in Etabs) I would highly appreciate your answer.


What is meaning of FREE STANDING STAIRCASE ?


What is the Tor steel Consumption for residential building G+24 footing (thum rule) ?


what is mean by reestimation?


how to check and keep control on the wastage of material at site


can i make bricks using M10 grade concrete ? and what would be the cost of a brick if we use m10 grade concrete sand and aggregates ??


What is Refuse Area In High Rise Building ?


1m square 20mm plastering how much of water need curing work