Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Doul Bar reinforcement and details of drawing.

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1.How much strength will be attained for M30 grade of concrete after 28 days? 2.Is it attain 30 N/mm2 or target mean strength?

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What is Curtailing of R/F


is there any codal provision for soil cousion over the Hume pipe of Dia 1.2 m.


1)define the critical items in rcc framed G+18 bldg. as Cr Activity 1,Cr Activity 2,Cr Activity 3...etc. 2)on what logic is MSP and Primavera planning based.FS SF FF...

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What is the calculation for finding cement and sand for 10' * 12' area ratio 1:6 thickness 12 mm


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What is the quantity of metal 1 & metal 2 to be used in 100 cft concrete?


what is a pretension and post tension with an example

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Is density and unit weight are same, if not why both r having same unit, wats the difference between them.

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wat is the necessity of finding shear and bending moment in a structure. wat will happen if it is not consider. other than shear cracks and deflection is there any other failure happen.

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where vr providing singly reinforced beam. i want to know the location of it in a building

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Can we provide lapping of R/f steel for plinth beam in support portion(At column)?

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What is mean by Engineers ?

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silt maximum in sand.


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rasio for outer plaster thickness for wall


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what is anchorage length,lap length and (dont remember the last one)


Draw the cross section of a boundary wall and label its part with detailing?


i) Distinguish between Theodolite and dumpy Level? (Marks-8) ii)Distinguish between Viscous and Turbulent flow? (Marks-8) iii) Distinguish between nominal and design mix? iv) What is standard sand? v) Explain the term plane stress? Vi) Differentiate between principal plane and principal axis? Vii) write short notes on Elastic limit of structural steel? viii) Write short notes on stress concentration? ix) write short notes on "Grading of Sand" ? x) How many grades of concrete are there under standard concrete?


Detection of a beam & a girder are––––


how to calculate valuation for the old building?


What are the joints wants to made in masonry where door opening, arches like etc..


density of crush sand & crush stone or grit powder


How much material is required for constructing a 2 Lane 2Km rigid pavement road


what is mean by bulking of sand?


Basic civil interview questions 


what is the use if we fixed butterfly ties in column and masonry work joint?....where we have to fix(distance)..


How to find coloumn vertical cut length floor to floor & lap + bend or anything plz clearfiy


how to check and keep control on the wastage of material at site


How do we get this formula Ast=(0.5Fck/Fy) into(1-(in sqrt(1-((4.6Mu)/^2))into bd Fck=grade of cement i.e M25, M20 Fy=grade of steel i.e.Fe415,Fe250 Mu=moment b=width d=depth 


how i can calculate the actual nos & size of steel to make 1000sqft. x 3"thick slab