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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Doul Bar reinforcement and details of drawing.

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1.How much strength will be attained for M30 grade of concrete after 28 days? 2.Is it attain 30 N/mm2 or target mean strength?

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What is Curtailing of R/F


is there any codal provision for soil cousion over the Hume pipe of Dia 1.2 m.


1)define the critical items in rcc framed G+18 bldg. as Cr Activity 1,Cr Activity 2,Cr Activity 3...etc. 2)on what logic is MSP and Primavera planning based.FS SF FF...

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What is the calculation for finding cement and sand for 10' * 12' area ratio 1:6 thickness 12 mm


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What is the quantity of metal 1 & metal 2 to be used in 100 cft concrete?


what is a pretension and post tension with an example

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Is density and unit weight are same, if not why both r having same unit, wats the difference between them.

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wat is the necessity of finding shear and bending moment in a structure. wat will happen if it is not consider. other than shear cracks and deflection is there any other failure happen.

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where vr providing singly reinforced beam. i want to know the location of it in a building

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Can we provide lapping of R/f steel for plinth beam in support portion(At column)?

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What is mean by Engineers ?

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silt maximum in sand.


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rasio for outer plaster thickness for wall


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material used for mendrel use to bend epoxy coated rebar


Where can I get a Text Book on Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in PDF form.


Material calculation of cm 1:6 for 1sqm


In which code the the maximum height of concrete casting has been explained


specifications of fe500 steel


As in practice, we are deducting every 2d for 90 degree bend but from where it comes means derivation or reference of IS Code.


what is meant by sustainable developement as far construction field is considered. Give suitable examples to explain the same


usually hand broken stones are used for cement concrete 1:4:8 in foundation of single /two story houses with a view of economy in construction.what advantages it will give if you use machine crushed stone in place?


Which is the latest version of solidsworks?


Which tests are performed on soil to decide the type of foundation to be provided.


Explain the different types of building contracts?


what is the water-cement ratio of mix design while 30mpa in 7 days?


One plate (women civil worker lifting Plate - Satti) sand measures how many cubic feet?


for pretensioning which will yield first and same for post tensioning?


In jack arch floor, the rise is kept?