Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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Can any one give me any link to download civil engineering code in free ?

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what u mean by shoring?

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1)What is swear, swage and storm water? 2)What are the sizes of bricks based on Nominal, practical and standard? 3) What is the distinguies between the grade of cement 43, 53?


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What is gauge and gage?


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What is the sugested procedure of water purification for public supply?


What is logic behind the use of Steel bar insted of gold bar?


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What is the difference between single reinforcement


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What is Pavement & carrage way?


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1)What is Suggested type of cement for concreting at water, for mass concreting and where the chaces of gettin attucked by salt? 2)How many types of camber? 3)why we always preffer short column in case of residential building? 4) Is there any advantages between the use of One way slab & two way slab? 5)What shoul be the % of steel for R. C. C. perpose based on volume & area ?


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why moment is create in fixed beam. And why moment is not create in simply support beam

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What are the dimensions of 1)Standard Brick 2)Nominal Brick What is the difference between them in terms of use ?

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List out the densities of different construction materials such as brick, steel, sand, aggregate etc...

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do aerocon blocks give more or less equal strength than that of bricks...?


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which software better design in structure design or Rcc design(STAAD PRO,TEKLA STRUCTURE)

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Theemergency provisions of the constitution of india were greatly influenced by: a)the government of india act,1935 b)the constitution of canada c)the weimer constitution of germany d)the constitution of the united states


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how much of quantity of material required for execution of one cubic meter of random rubble masonry in 1:3 cement mortar


A rock anchor 3 1/2” in diameter is placed in rock. The which has an allowable shear strength of 1200 psi. Determine the required anchorage length to safely carry a 80 ton load using a 2.0:1 F.S


What is the standard rate of installing ties for column(60cmx60cm) and beams(50x850)(weight)


please give me the rates of RCC(CUM), PCC(CUM), Brick Work(CUM), Tile Flooring, Saria Shuttering


what is the specific gravity of rubble in plum concert


please give the detail design for the soring and shuttering for 8.5m deep excavation in the sandy soil for 25x10 rectangular streaches


what is the anchorage length of reinforcement.


I used Etabs software to analyse a high-rise building. And I want to use templated UBC-codes inside to calculate the Seismic load. My question is: whether or not I have to control the seismic load by base shear load which is manual calculation? (just for more clarification: I can control this by input the scale factor into Eartquake definition in Etabs) I would highly appreciate your answer.


what is the painting co efficient of slope roof tiles?


what are the strength theories for yeilding and fracture materials. state the theory more suited for 1. mild steel or 2. concrete


what course did you consider thinking before you enrolled in college?


how to balance aggregate during mix design of concrete???? how to calculate moisture content like C/A,F/A and how many percentage using ice instead of water for example of we are preparing ice concrete??????


Dear Sir What is the Contraction joint for base Slab


What the advantages and disadvantage of using 90mm and 100mm bricks for a wall of a house? Thanks for any input.


How about the temperature of grade 35A concrete? Does it depend on the ambient temperature?