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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is kribs is supporting?


why you want more salary here then previous company???

TATA, Unicel,

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role of constituents of cement? how they works

BPTP, Gammon, L&T, Totem Infrastructure, Vishwa Infrastructures,

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what is concrete canvas?


what is cbr valuve

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how to calculate rate analysis of M25 grade concrete

Nagarjuna Construction, Simplex,

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What is the maxi. percentage of steel in compression memeber of C/s area & what is minimum dia for compression member as per IS 456:2000?

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In foundation design, while we do the base pressure check, we normally check if the attained pressure value is less than the GROSS BEARING CAPACITY of the soil which is the sum of net bearing capacity of soil and the overburden pressure. Actually, the overburden pressure acts against the net bearing capacity of the soil and I feel that we are actually increasing the bearing capacity value and doing the check. I feel that this is NOT right. Please clarify on this.


what is difference in chemical composition between fe415 and fe500

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I Have concrete mix with 440kg opc and having 37 mpa strengh in 7days while in 28 days only 42mpa can anybody tell me the reason for the same.

4 4372 development and anchorage length in simple diagram.


If a 12m main road straight is adjoined from both sides by 7.5 m road , how curves are given at corner for vehicle movement (measurement pls.)?

Sobha Developers,

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what is the allowable silt % in river sand for Dam concreting.

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plz anyone can tell me how to find the volume of dome whose radius is 3.25mt , height is 1.50mt and thickness is 0.15mt.

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can any one tell me how to estimate the reforcement of circular slab and also for dome.

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Un-Answered Questions { Civil Engineering }

how much cement and sand required for 100sqm of wall plastering in different proportions


Formula of mid span bar


Trapezoidal section footing calculation of Volume & its Area


load combinations how many types for staad design purpose?


Why does the pressure increase under soil?


Formula for calculation volume of essentric footing


how much repeitation for conventional and maivan formwork?


I need old MMUP exam question and answer for Civil engineering


Please tell me vasthu room sizes. Thanks.


What is Grid floor and mention its advantages ?


In cement making,what is meaning of blend,fineness,density. 


5. Do you feel that your present employer estimates your full work potential? Are they pleased with your work performance?


Iwant to calculate the production of 1 labour for concrete casting which includes shuttering,scaffolding,steel fixing,concreting, deshuttering and curing in 8hours.But i am not able to determine it approximately would you pls.??


What is Curtailing of R/F


what is the function of GSB all class ?