Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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What is differences between normality and which cases both are used?


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in gas chromatography what is the difference between gas flow rate and average linear velocity ?



what are the ideal conditions for coloumn storage

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i want to know about headspace and interview question on headspace

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class of solvent regarding Residual solvent e.g. Acetone his class

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why we multiply 1000 in the determination of kf factor ?

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why we measure PH of a solution in PH only why not POH ?

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In Dissolution Test why limit is define Q+5% what is the role of +5%.


Through assay by hplc(anhydrous basis) product got 100.8% .How much the potency of that product.Moisture content is 1.7%,Sulfated ash is 0.02%,Total impurities are 0.3%

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Why pyrene is also use for calibration if detector

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what is difference in ods I ods II is this is realy from sorbent / packing characteristics or from other means



In gas chromatographic analysis sometimes we use headspace, why it is required instead of manually injection?

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How to fix the sample concentration in related substances development.

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Who discovered X-ray

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How can we confirm the HPLC column is end-capped or not? Is it possible to identify by physical appearance?


how to selecet an exact coloumn for an new molecule development by hplc how to select exact salt as buffer for new molecule development by hplc what is the the process to select the mode of saparation of compoundes by hplc what is the use of ph of buffer what is use of buffer,ph,organic phase,ans methods how the molecules get saparated in coloumn,


what is peak purity and its formula


we are performed SOR for a particular product the limit is -6 to -10.We face particular bathes it is not meeting the specification.we performed diffrent instrument diffrent analyst we are getting diffrent diffrent results.solvent is dimethyl sulfoxide what could be the reasion


What is viod volume and peak purity in HPLC?


process of Diclofenac sodium,IP.


What is diffrence between extractable volume and deliverable volume? Answer pls


what type of questions asked on analytical balance and also give answers................all pharma companies?


what is the purge flow & how to calculate


Can we interpret accuracy from linearity in method validation?


what is the limit for KF Factor ,we take factor using water we will found factor between 6 to 7 ,while on KF Reagent bottle mentioned 5 mg/ml water content.if we not use dried methanol it is effect on factor.


what is difference in ods I ods II is this is realy from sorbent / packing characteristics or from other means


What is column in chromatography?


what is partion and column chromatography


What is the exact reason to use THF and IPA in buffers of Reverse phase HPLC as a solvent?