Bio Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is a chiral molecule?

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what is lineweaver burk equation?explain it?

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what is meant by palindromic dna?

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how do u differentiate pseudoglobulins and euglobulins on the basis of solubility?

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what are muco polysaccharides?

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who is considered as the father of modern biochemistry?

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what is acidosis and alkalosis in terms of PH?

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what is the PH of bile?,

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explain henderson-hasselbalch equation?

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what is nucleophilic attack?

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what are eicosanoids?name the three subclasses of eicosanoids?


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explain about hyperglycemic agent?

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what is the procedure of aschheim-zondec test?

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what is meant by panhypopituitarism?

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what are different types of goitrogens?


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What factors can change the pKa value of an amino acid residue, and in which direction?


Two children have a neurological disorder. When cells from the two patients were fused to form heterokaryons containing nuclei from both patients and cultured, the cells displayed normal metabolism. Cells from either patient exhibited abnormal metabolism when cultured separately.what does these results indicate?


bane the by products when crude oil is refined by distillation


The nucleophile in the first stage of the serine protease mechanism is a) H2O b) the carboxyl of Asp 102 c) the hydroxyl of Ser 195 d) the imidazole of His 57


What are hydrophobicity scales, and how are they used?


Calculate the molar extinction coefficient of a solution containing 5 *10-4 g litre-1 of a biomolecule, molecular weight 275 g mol-1, and absorbance 0.75 in a 1.2 cm cuvette.


How does hplc differ from normal column chromatography, and what are its advantages?


Why does physical exertion increase symptoms of poisoning by trematol?


All technical,written test questions


Why is the t-butyloxycarbonyl protecting group such a good choice for amino acid synthesis?


what are the steps involved in the calibration of HPLC


why ph is not more than 14?


What factors are involved in determining the electrophoretic mobility of a molecule?


How much empty space is found in globular proteins?