Bio Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is a chiral molecule?

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what is lineweaver burk equation?explain it?

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what is meant by palindromic dna?

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how do u differentiate pseudoglobulins and euglobulins on the basis of solubility?

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what are muco polysaccharides?

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who is considered as the father of modern biochemistry?

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what is acidosis and alkalosis in terms of PH?

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what is the PH of bile?,

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explain henderson-hasselbalch equation?

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what is nucleophilic attack?

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what are eicosanoids?name the three subclasses of eicosanoids?


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explain about hyperglycemic agent?

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what is the procedure of aschheim-zondec test?

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what is meant by panhypopituitarism?

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what are different types of goitrogens?


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What are the structures of the products of this reaction, and how are they identified?


How do hydrophobic and hydrophilic residues arrange themselves in globular proteins?


I have given the protocol for the cyclodextrin glygosyl transferase assay: One ml of appropriately diluted enzyme sample was incubated at 60 °C for 15 min with 5 ml of 1% (w/v) gelatinized soluble starch in 50 mM, 7.0-pH Tris–HCl buffer. Reaction was terminated by boiling the reaction mixture for 3 min and reaction volume was made to 10 ml with distilled water. Two ml of above reaction mixture was withdrawn and mixed with 3 ml of Tris–HCl buffer, 5 ml of 125 mM Na2CO3, and 0.5 ml of phenolphthalein (25 mg phenolphthalein/100 ml absolute alcohol). Absorbance was measured at 550 nm. The percent decrease of sample was calculated with respect to control containing 5 ml of buffer, 5 ml of sodium carbonate and 0.5 ml of phenolphthalein. where Acontrol = absorbance of control and Atest = absorbance of sample. The amount of β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) produced was estimated from the standard graph of 0–500 μg/ml β-CD concentration against % decrease in absorbance. One unit of CGTase was defined as the amount of enzyme required to produce 1 μm of β-CD/min. Please can you suggest me the formula for the defination given in the last line


Hi, I am venkat. I am done with M.Sc Medical Biochemistry in the year 2007. I got rejected 3 times at US consulate, and the reason they say is why are you going agian for PG when you have already done PG, and they are not ready to get convinced only on this issue.


Compare and contrast feedback inhibition and enzyme repression?


During a heart attack, blood flowing to the heart muscle is interrupted by blockage of a coronary artery. How would you expect the metabolism in the heart to change?


What do you like LEAST & MOST about your current position?


The elution volume of an enzyme on a gel filtration column can be predicted from a) its enzyme activity b) its protein absorbance at 280 nm c) subunit composition and monomer molecular mass(es) d) Choices a) and b) are both correct.


What is the difference between Phospholipids and phosphosphingosides?


why ph is not more than 14?


"Tell me about a job that you found particularly satisfying. What did you like about it?


Which vitamins participate, in coenzyme form, in reactions of the tricarboxylic acid cycle?


i have done M.SC. in biochemistry from india. as i have experience of pharmaceuticals in quality assurance department of 4 i come to know that my degree is valid in uk.i got my comparision letter of degree from uknaric. but i m confuse that what is the next step to do for getiing job in lab? am i eligible to get directly job or as trainee than job ? or to register in ibms or what? pls tell me


what is QC and why is impotent in pathology lab


Describe the environment where you do your best work in an organization?