Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is heuristic checklist used in Unit Testing?

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what is exactly a tracebility matrix?

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could anyone tell me atleast 5 ADV & DIS-ADV of Manual and automation testing

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What is meant by Entry and Exit points in Testing? Raam -

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What is difference between http and https


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On what type of browsers you have tested your web page?


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You have URL address it is opening fine with your team member system but it is not opening in your system browser? How will you come across?


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What is difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy?


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What is difference between JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and CLR (Common language Runtime) ?

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This is question is for system testing: What are Global catalog server, Schema Master and other NDTS roles ?

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What is memory leak and how you will find memory leak ? Which tools can be used to find out memory leak ?

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How you will test media player ?

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Can any one please refer me the good book to study more abt testing manual as well as abt automated,in which i cld learn more abt to prepare test cases and more abt testing.If possible plz mail me the name of the book at : regards Nitin

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what is impact analysis?....and base line version?...

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what is metrics?...What metrics do u follow in ur company?

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when do you escalte issue to your manager?


Hi to all..Now am working at one company as Software tester..I have selected for Accenture via one consultancy.. They have told that joining date will be on 19 th july..But now they are postponed joining date..whether i can trust that or not?Can u plz tell??plzz..whether i can put my paper to releive or not? CAn u telll?


What is AGP?what is setup.inf?What are the ways to install driver?


Write the test cases for godaddy home page


Can any tell me how a clinical data management system is tested? what are the test scenarios? what are the test cases? work flow.


Please send any one latest 3+ years of experience testing tools resumes my mail id is


how can we do database testing. In database testing we verify the data integrity and data validation. how can we do testing of Index, triggers, views, ransactions,cursors etc


How to write testcases for unread/read mails for gamil inbox? and what are the types of testing you do on them?


what is difference between win 98 and win 2000 poertating system?which is better one?


You want a automation tool to be used for your project. How will you convince the client for the same. Please give me specific answer.


There is an opening in our organization Sierra Atlantic, Hyderabad. All Manual test engineers with 2-3 years of experience can forward your resumes to before May 01, 2008. (Only manual testers) with a covering letter, current CTC and Expected CTC.


What is the different between SIT and UIT?


what is test case management?explain in brief.


Hi, This is vkram.I had completed my B.E in May 2005 & currently i am undergoing Testing Course. I want to join as a Fresher in any MNC. What should I tell why u r coming to testing field & what u did this 2 years?


please send me database stored procedure checklist.