Manual Testing Interview Questions
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I am a B.COM graduate. I have studied all the theorotical aspects of manual testing. How can i get in to testing without practical exp. And even if i manage to get a job, i want to know whether i will be able to do my job, being i am new to software field.


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what is use case diagram?


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how do u develop test harness?

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What features of sqlserver is generally used in database testing


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Is it mandatory to use USECASES or directly one can write test casesfrom requirments?


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can anyone suggest the website which gives detailed informtion on configuration mnagement tools VSS?


What is the difference between low and high level test cases? examples please..


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What a manual tester should know about web servers?what he tests in servers?

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What particiption a manual tester can do in documentation? Are there any tools available for only documentation?

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What is the general testing process?


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What is a Test Build Manager?

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What testing roles are standard on most testing projects? Categories: Software Testing


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What is comparison testing?

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what is testing policy and testing methodology? and what is the difference?

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What are the documents required to prepare test plan?


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Write 2 scenarios for Integration testing? Please let me know its urgent.


If we have 9 floor n 3 eggs n we have to check from which floor the egg wont get can we do that


how is market for testing in banglore,chennai,pune,delhi?


What is frame level testing and how do we test it?


When did u complete testing ? Which scenrio should not be in automation testing ? why ?


what exactly is heuristic checklist approach for unit testing?


What is show stopper defect and explain with example ?


what is mean by impact analysis ,how we used to select regression TC using this?


how to write test cases both negative and positive .source to destination and booking form


wat if fiddler and how it is used in tesing an application. please explain with a real time scenario


What is the difference between web based application and client server application?


I know functional test cases are derived from frs and system design specs. But are test cases for performance, database, boundary, relational integrity and other types of tests other than functional tests created from frs and system design specs as well? When are these test cases created? Are they in the same test plans alongside functional test cases or is their a different test plan that includes these test cases?


what are the templates for daily,weekly and monthly reports? plz reply ASAP.


What do you do (with the project staff) when the schedule fails?


what are the responsibilities for QA tester to test application on UNIX environment??? what skills required for unix???