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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are starting link to test while website testing?

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What are the type of testinmg to test in Unit, System,Integration and User acceptance testing< client side>

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What is the difference b/n Testing Methodology and Testing methods?

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what is testing process in related to Application testing

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What is the difference between Project Based Testing and Product Based Testing?

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what is the need for different tools? why cant we manage testing with a single tool?

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what are the outcomes of system testing?

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can any one tell me what is the difference between Integration testing and End-End testing? plz dont tell me Integration is whitebox testing and done by developers, where as End-End is blockbox testing and done by testers.

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what is test scenario and test case ?please explain detail


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last testcase for project will be written in which phase?


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explain statement coverage?


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tester with develop ment knowledge will be more effective .justify?


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given nrequirement collection doc,tester can prepare which test plan?


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Any body give me sample test plan?

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What is Component Testing? How to do Component Level Testing?

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Hi Can any one tell wht type of questions will be asked in project manager round...urgent plz...


Hi, This is vkram.I had completed my B.E in May 2005 & currently i am undergoing Testing Course. I want to join as a Fresher in any MNC. What should I tell why u r coming to testing field & what u did this 2 years?


Hi Please tell me about ERP Project how do describe in interview Please tell me details about this project my id is


How can I do Server side Interface testing in Web Testing?


How soon the bug should get fixed?


What is Difference between Test Strategy and Test Methodology?


What is a testing process / lifecycle?


What is formal testing?


can u plz give an example for regression testing with example.


What is an exit criteria?


what is the diff. bw separate database testers and manual testers with sql knowledge guys... iam confusing so much ,,in cmpny database testers are not working on manual..? both positions are same are not? explian clesly with example? thank u


any one please send me any test case examples with tabular columns in manual testing


1.How to maintain the Bug status Report? 2.What is project based Company and product based company?


How we test the bulk of contents in web page using manual testing? Is any open source tool available for that ? Thanks in advance..


Different types of design diagrams that supports to write test cases ?