Manual Testing Interview Questions
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If you are the Test Team Leader and one of the Team Member is not supporting and not working according to your expectations what would you do? how will u handle him?

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Is there any specific standard which tells, How many test cases should one person write in a day? and How many test cases should get executed in a day?

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how to Write the test case?

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diff between re & regression who will decide priority


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what is the diff between function and Sub function

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What mean by STLC (S/W testing life cycile)?

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what is the diff b/n test plan and test strategy


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what is Test Factor

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what is quality Factor


what is coupling integration testing


what is thread Testing

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what is containment mechanism

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What is mean by "instance" in case of software testing..?

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Test Startegy Means?


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What is test methodology?

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what is the difference between section & test feature in test case documention?


What is PBX Testing & What is Test coverage?


Did you ever worked with B.A's and when?


Hi to all, im vaibhav i joined a MNC as a tester and i got a banking (HSBC) project can any one tell me as a fresher what kind of strategy i sholud use to perform better. thanx


can somebody plz tel me about financial domain for manual tester?? which kind of application use and what is the approach of testing??


Hello testers I am an Bsc Hotel mgmt Degree holders but now am doin my software testin programme, side by MCA Master degree an have 6 months exp i testing in company.. i want to change my CV according IT based. so can anyone help me with sendin any sample CV of urs.. do me this favour it wil be very helpful for me prepare CV for interviews....


What type of questions will be asking for 2 years experience candidate in manual testing?


1) how will you do validation testing in combo box ? (2)Suppose user does not want maximum length validation message, but when tester inserts data in textbox and it gets truncated, how will you resolve this issue ? (3)if a user inserts maximum number in quantity textbox in a PHP based web application then what result will show?


What is the difference between Functional testing and Unit Functionality testing?


what types of testing have u done in ur project?and expalin it detail?


Give an example for pre testing and post testing ?


how to creat 2 test plan in 2 different environment exp:tour and travel


I want to do certification in ISTQB please anybody hepl me with the details and site to refer for further details.............if possible give me the material as well on my mail id Please help me........Thanks


!what are the entry criteria for antomation testing ?


functional testing test cases for transfer funds ?