What is test methodology?

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What is test methodology?..

Answer / rajendra

Test Methodology:

Where will the testing take place?-In which stage of SDLC
testing actually starts

Who will perform the tests?-People/resurces involved in

How will you communicate with and involve participants? -
Bug logging and tracking

How will you schedule the testing?- Test scheduling

How will you manage application problems?-Risk management

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What is test methodology?..

Answer / vanitha

Testing Methodology is nothing but the way we are
implementing the testing principles.

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What is test methodology?..

Answer / tarun

It involves following things ;-

1)Project initiation :->
who will do like Business dev BDO,Business analyst
feasibility of what to do ,what not to do
people etc
2)Project Schduling ;-Track the progress of project how
much is done ? with track cost till what time it complete?
Gantt chart

3)Risk analysis :- to handle the sudden risk is risk
analysis and it involve

end user risk --user denie to take project
overstaffing risk--sitting idle


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