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If you are the Test Team Leader and one of the Team Member
is not supporting and not working according to your
expectations what would you do? how will u handle him?

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If you are the Test Team Leader and one of the Team Member is not supporting and not working accor..

Answer / saravana

Sorry for my lengthy suggestions, As this question is into
people management the solution for that will take some
chain actions.It may not be resolved then and there...It
needs true care and attention.

Before having a discussion with that resource:-
Look into the profile of the resources like his work
experience and his achievements in his past projects and
try to find more informations of his nature with previous
teams he worked earlier.Try to find his Strength and
Try to do a selfstudy in his current role and
responsibilities. He may not be co-operating coz of the
team structure (is possible). Some times, resources having
greater ability and experience may be forced to work under
a supervisor with lesser experience. Or he may not be happy
with the Timezone he was asked to for.

While having a discussion with that resource:-
Will have a discussion with the resource and try to
understand/Find the reason for not co-operation.Motivate
him about with caring words so that he can realize his
mistake. Identify the exact reason for his unhappiness, it
may be official/personal. Give proper attention to his
words than having a namesame meeting.

After having a discussion with that resource:-
Try to give some special attention to that resource, try to
allocate him in a proper assignments.

Even after he continues like in a demotivated way, Release
his from the team, coz it may be spreading disease to the
entire team.

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If you are the Test Team Leader and one of the Team Member is not supporting and not working accor..

Answer / sirisha

Take a chance to revise his earlier accomplishments and
praise him to motivate & being shown him as a follower to
the trainees. Being known about the caliber he has proved in
earlier days, expecting to see even more new accomplishments
for the current year as well.

Team member may rejuvenate himself by recollecting his last
year rewards/recognitions. One can themselves find a
variance of slowdown in their progress if any, will make him
realize that his Graph should not fall down.

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If you are the Test Team Leader and one of the Team Member is not supporting and not working accor..

Answer / nisha shah

In Practical Scenarios , we ususally do bot see/check teh
profile of the candidate if he is in a team.Its a good
practice to do but the fixed time delivery and time
contraints are the factors that we directly land up doing
the discussion with the candidate.

The disussion sould go under the following line.
1. Reason of not performing the expected result.
2. Problems if any with co-team members.
3. Mentor needed to perform the job.

Tell teh candidate taht his/her performance will be tracked
to make him efficient.

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