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What is mean by "instance" in case of software testing..?

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What is mean by "instance" in case of software testing..?..

Answer / namrata

the collection of information stored in the database at a
particular moment is called an instance

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What is mean by "instance" in case of software testing..?..

Answer / jiya

Hi Robin,

Take a Ex:
1. Windows Application is already running.
2. Try to open or start same application by double clicking
or right click then open.
3. If application is getting opened then this is called
another instance of application. This is a bug.
4. If we try to open already running application then there
should be a validation message "Another Instance of
application is already running."

Please correct me if i am wrong.

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What is mean by "instance" in case of software testing..?..

Answer / g 24

hi jiya

1st thing its correct when we open twisely .exe, it create
instance of application, but i think, it is not bug when we
deals with multithreading application, & yes, application
should show validation message when (same)data save in
different instance (realated to database testing).
so what do u think about this?

i think instance is nothing but objects in code/programme
level & instance in testing is nothing but what scenario we
design to test the application.

suppose this instance in code level so we have to do white
box testing, where which instance create by which class &
which methods use that instance.

so please clarify me if i m wrong..
G 24

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What is mean by "instance" in case of software testing..?..

Answer / rajendra

Instance means just creating a reference(copy).

This is related to OOPs based software white box testing.

Java or C++ will exhibit run time polymorphysm.
this means each object creates different instances at
different times based on the requiremnts.



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