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what is Test Factor

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what is Test Factor..

Answer / hiebe

test factors include:
File intergity
Audit trail
Continuity of processing
service lelves
acess control
ease of ues
ease of operations

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what is Test Factor..

Answer / rajni gupta

In designing a test strategy,the risk factors become the
basis or objective of testing.The risk associated with
testing is called 'test factors'.

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what is Test Factor..

Answer / rik teuben

Testfactor is a dutch training program developed by a group
of experienced and trained test professionals. The training
is provided by the dutch organisation VX Company and
Kloosterwegen. Testfactor improves the effectiveness of
software testing groups in five steps:

1: Clarify personal- and common shared values in a
projectgroup(related to software testing).
2. Optimise the effectiveness of communnication and
3. Improve personal effectiveness
4. practical assessment
5. Set up the Test professional Effectiveness Plan for the
group of softwaretesters.

The course takes about five working days, scattered over 5
months. rteuben"at" or by phone on 0031 6 52
59 71 78

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what is Test Factor..

Answer / raju

Risk or issue that needs to be addressed as a part of the test stratedy

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