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what is containment mechanism

what is containment mechanism..

Answer / vinodh anandhan

A widely used technique for securing computer systems is to
execute programs inside protection domains that enforce
established security policies. These containers, often
referred to as sandboxes, come in a variety of forms.
Although current sandboxing techniques have individual
strengths, they also have limitations that reduce the scope
of their applicability. In this paper, we give a detailed
analysis of the options available to designers of
sandboxing mechanisms. As we discuss the tradeoffs of
various design choices, we present a sandboxing facility
that combines the strengths of a wide variety of design
alternatives. Our design provides a set of simple yet
powerful primitives that serve as a flexible, general-
purpose framework for confining untrusted programs. As we
present our work, we compare and contrast it with the work
of others and give preliminary results.

Vinodh Anandhan
Software Test Engineer

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