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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is meant code review?

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What is the testing that a tester performs at the end of unit testing?

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What r the things,u prefer and prepare before starting testing?



What incremental integration testing?

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What is meant by system testing?

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What is meant by SIT?

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When do u go for integration testing?

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Can the system testing be done at any stage?

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What are stubs and drivers?

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What is the final stage of integration testing


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Whare in the sdlc ,the testing starts?

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What is the outcome of integration testing?


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What is meant by gui testing?

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What is meant by back-end testing?


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What is the outcome of integration testing

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Can you explain regression testing and confirmation testing?


What are the Major Functionality for a ATM machine ??


What type of projects can include in Logistics Domain? and what is the type of domain for project which include Driving license renewal, Different type of title registration etc...


How do you scope out the size of the testing effort?


what is the test plan of facebook?


Test cases on send/ receive button of Microsoft outlook.


Dear Friends, Please guide me how to write test case for work Experiance field range.(It has 2 fields for range)


Hello testers I am an Bsc Hotel mgmt Degree holders but now am doin my software testin programme, side by MCA Master degree an have 6 months exp i testing in company.. i want to change my CV according IT based. so can anyone help me with sendin any sample CV of urs.. do me this favour it wil be very helpful for me prepare CV for interviews....


What can you tell about the project if during testing you found 80 bugs in it


what are questions asked in TCS for database tester (sqlserver)?ay idea


1. what exactly is heuristic checklist approach for unit testing ?


iam having 2+yr sof exp in manual testing, at present working in chennai,want to relocte to hyd .if any openings let me id :


Diffrence b/w functional testing,functionality testing,system testing?


Risk Analysis a) 2 step, b)3 step, c) 4 step, d) 6 step


what are the functional test cases for enter user name,enter pass word,click on ok(only functional test cases)