Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is meant code review?

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What is the testing that a tester performs at the end of unit testing?

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What r the things,u prefer and prepare before starting testing?



What incremental integration testing?

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What is meant by system testing?

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What is meant by SIT?

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When do u go for integration testing?

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Can the system testing be done at any stage?

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What are stubs and drivers?

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What is the final stage of integration testing


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Whare in the sdlc ,the testing starts?

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What is the outcome of integration testing?


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What is meant by gui testing?

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What is meant by back-end testing?


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What is the outcome of integration testing

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how to verify a button size (e.g Login Button) on a web page have same dimension prescribed by Client in UI Testing..??


!what are the entry criteria for antomation testing ?


how to write test cases for epos/pos testing.


what is the cheklist to check SRS document (after releasing) as a test ingineer and how can we check


what are your thoughts on SPRINT duration


What is the Jar file?


What is Web testing & which action we take at the time of Web Testing?


What knowledge I must have as a 3 yrs. manual tester??


uses of checklist


Discuss what test metrics you feel are important to publish an organization?


In usability testing we check spelling, content, look and feel, color combination, link or menu navigation? please let me know more about usability testing.


Dear Friends, Please guide me how to write test case for work Experiance field range.(It has 2 fields for range)


Please send any one latest 3+ years of experience testing tools resumes my mail id is


Can any1 tell me suppose u r doing manual testing on unix platform with Shell Script, then how it is done? How u r implementing it & what is the use of Shell scripting on Manual Testing?


How to explain a banking project in interview ? like project discription is Client Online Banking Application provides access to information relating to Banking Online Services provided by Axis to View daily customer transactions, Current and Previous customer statements, Transfer funds from Chequing and Savings accounts ................ From interview point of view can any one explain this project in laymans language