What is meant code review?

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What is meant code review?..

Answer / mrs

Code review is review of the source code to intend to check
whether the source code met the following things or not?

1) To meet the organizational code standards.

2) To avoid the ambiguity of the code.

3) To delete unnecessary code.

4) proper re-use of the existing code.

5) to improve the performance of the application.

6) To check the proper comments are added or not.

7) To check the code structure.

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What is meant code review?..

Answer / ramya

Code review is systematic examination of computer source
code intended to find and fix mistakes overlooked in the
initial development phase, improving overall quality of
software and can also be used as a tool to better develop
skills at the same time.

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What is meant code review?..

Answer / bhanu

once tester fix the defect .if he feel it is a true defect then he conduct the review on code that is called code review..

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What is meant code review?..

Answer / prasad

review is main thing in the testing so mainly concentrate on it

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