What are stubs and drivers?

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What are stubs and drivers?..

Answer / ramu

while integrating in top down approach any compulsory module
are missed replaced with temporary programmes known as stubs

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What are stubs and drivers?..

Answer / vinodh anandhan

Stubs - A Piece of code that simulates the activity of the
missing component. stub is used to test a unit in isolation.

Or A stub is a piece of software that works similae to the
unit which is referenced by the unit being tested

Or A stub is a pseudo-module emulating the functionality of
a not yet implemented or integrated component.

Driver - A Piece of code that passes the test case to
another piece of code. Driver Program only calls the
function being developed but possibly manyn times to test
its behaviour on the variety of parameters.

Vinodh Anandan
Software Tester
Exceed Technologies (P) Ltd.,

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What are stubs and drivers?..

Answer / ch.s.m.prasad,kkd

stub and driver are temporary programes while we executing
the programe if any module was underconstructed. here stub
is a calling programe. driver is a called programe

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