What is meant by gui testing?

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What is meant by gui testing?..

Answer / rajendra

GUI means -Graphical User Interface

Testing user interface design is called GUI testing.
that means:
Font sizes
LoGO resolution...etc

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What is meant by gui testing?..

Answer / sindhuja rao

Look &feel testing is called as gui testing.Testing the Gui
features like alignment, borders,colors & all the
properties that don't affect the functionality is called
GUI testing.

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What is meant by gui testing?..

Answer / brahma reddy

Look & feel testing is called as GUI Testing.Testing the GUI features like Alignment,Font Sizes,Colors,Logo resolution,borders………etc & all the properties that don't affect the usability. Under GUI testing we have to test 25 Configuration Pages, 15 Transaction Pages, 14 Reports Pages.

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What is meant by gui testing?..

Answer / satyaprasad

Here two things are there ,you just clarify
first one ,GUI testing means Usability testing in this
testers will test the user friendly ness of the screen,like
look and feel of the screen ,speed in interface
Second thing is GUI coverage is there ,its also called
Bhevioral coverage it comes under Functionality testing ,in
this coverage testing team will check wether the
corresponding objects in a build are responding properly or

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