Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is two tier and three tier architecture?

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Why do we prepare test condition,testcases,testscript?

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It is not waste of time in preparing the test condition,testcase and testscript

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How do u go about testing of web application?



How do u go about testing of client server application



Can the static testing be done for both web and client server application?

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In the static testing,what all can be tested?

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Can test condition,testcase and testscript help u in performing the static testing


What r the functional testing u perform?



What kind of document u need for going for an functional testing?

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What is meant by beta testing?

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At what stage the unit testing has to be done?

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Who can perform the unit testing?

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When will the verification and validation be done?

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What is meant by code walkthrough?

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What is Traditional testing & Object Oriented testing?


iwant know IEEE formate ,how it is used and exactly where it is used? i have details it follows test plan, testcases...etc. i want real time explanation. pls any one give?


Hi, I am planing to give ISTQB - Foundation level exam. Can anyone forward the ISTQB materials at mail ID.


Hello again!! wanted to ask you HOW EXACTLY create stubs and driver in integration testing? 2.whats the difference between integration testing and system integration testing? Thanks!!


!what are the entry criteria for antomation testing ?


What are the benefits of creating multiple actions within any virtual user script?


which of the following is not a coding defect? Option 1 Test harness defect Option 2 Data flow defect Option 3 Initialisation defect Option 4 Algorithmic defect


hi, this is geetha, i have one doubt regarding the vulnerability testing. For sql injection testing is there any need for the tools to be installed. If it is what is tool and what is the method to test in sql injection testing. Plz Guide me


can u merge 10GUI map files into a single GUI map file in winrunner?


How to test the below code and write test case? Prove that this code is wrong? int add(int a ,int b) {return a+b; }


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what is acid testing?


can somebody plz tel me about financial domain for manual tester?? which kind of application use and what is the approach of testing??


hi experts, i was asked to write down the requirement description,test scenario, and test cases for gmail login and send email and then to check the email was sent in the sent mails.the format given to me was like this: Req ID, Req description, Test Scenario, Test cases....Can anybody please help me out with this..


Write the 10 high test cases for making video call/face time