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Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What are all the standard interfaces in the GL,AP,AR,PO,OM and INV?

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Can any one tell What is implementation in oracle Applications


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what is general ledger in oracle laguege and what are the step for define the journal entry?


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what is meant by functional specifications involved in po and ap?


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how to find out one organization using multi-org or single org?

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what is the difference between balance, account, none (automatic offset methods)?


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difference between manual payment and quick payment?

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purchasing and payables done at what level? means operating unit level or SOB level?


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what is meant by accural report? it consist of ?


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encumbrence set ups?

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AP entry's tansfer to gl but amounts not matched? what to do? How to correct it?

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whats is the differce between 11i & 10.5.9

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1: What is major difference between Bank and Bank Account?


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1: At the time of perido end process we use one sweep progrem? what is it and explin the process? 2:How to import the accounting entry's from Ap to GL? plz explain?

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In Accounts Payable credit memo and debit memo are entered with -ve amount but in Accounts Receivable why credit memo has -ve amonut and debit memo + ve?

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How to refund for a customer who returns goods and wants a refund for $600 in R12 In above scenarios customer does not want Credit Memo or On- Account Credit, he wants refund check . and as we know we do not issue check from AR. How can we issue Check from AP and how offsetting is done for the same in R12


explain your project plan with exam pal? i am preparing inter view .............


How will account an advance of Rs.10000/- which is a permanent prepayment, can I make payment for this?


Substitute receipts and Unordered Receipts


How do you adjust receivables?


When we run a GL Reconciliation Report, we also see the void payments in that report. Even though i disable the option of Show Void payments, its appearing in the report.How do i proceed so that i dont see those void payments in the GL Reconciliation Report?


What is the use of mo: security profile, while configure multiorg?


What is the Invoicing System in Oracle R12


Anyone provide the oracle fin/scm definetions


What is the procedure for requition import?


What are the types of setups in apps inventory module


We have both consumption tax and With Holding Tax on each invoice, will there be any conflict involved?


how to do customization while doing oracle implementation. what is the role of functional consultant in customization?


please explain with examples the below mentioned "Creating the end to end business scenarios and executing the scenarios to perform the regression testing".


1)What cannot be consolidated in GCS? 2) When you setup calendar in GL is it possible to change it?