What is ERP? Architecture of apps?

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What is ERP? Architecture of apps?..

Answer / kiran,zensar technologies

A packaged business software system that lets a company
automate and integrate the majority of its business
processes, share common data and practices across the
enterprise, [and] produce and access information in a real-
time environment.

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What is ERP? Architecture of apps?..

Answer / amit kumar jain

ERP is a package software or a software solution that takes
into account the entire process veiw of an organisation for
achieving the business goal and integrates the various
functions of that enterprise.

Simple Archietecture of Oralcle Apps.
contains 3 parts
3.Desktop tier(people screen)

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What is ERP? Architecture of apps?..

Answer / srinivas

ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. Companies developed
ERP Sofware packages to cater the needs of business.
Some of ERP Software packages are Oracle Applications, SAP,
Peoplesoft, Siebel, JDEdwards, Ramco Marshall.
In Oralce Apps, the architecture is Internet Computing
Architecture. Now Oracle is developeing Fusion Architecture.
Refer Oracle site to know more about Internet Computing

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