What is invoice?

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What is invoice?..

Answer / sara

AR Invoice is a document raised by the company and sent to
the customer with the details of items sold, qty sold,
price, tax and other details. Based on this invoice, the
customer will send the payment in case of credit sales.

AP invoice is a document raised by the customer and sent to
the company with the details of the items sent, qty sent,
price and other details. The company will enter this
invoice details in the Payables module and then pay the
customer accoring to the credit terms. This invoice may
come along with the consignment or may be sent to the
company seperately.

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What is invoice?..

Answer / kaveri kalyan kumar

an invoice is the commericial document raised by the
compony and send to customers with the details of items

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What is invoice?..

Answer / bincylal.b

An invoce is a commercial document issued by the seller to
the buyer,nidicating the products ,quantities,and agreed
rates for products or service the seller has provided the
buyer.An invoice indicates the buyer must pay the
seller,according to the payment terms.

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