tell me test cases for marker

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tell me test cases for marker..

Answer / vijay

1. Check for the marker's colour indicated on teh TOP and
the actual color of the Marker
2. Check for the Ink Quality.
3. Check for the Ink Quntity.
4. Check for the Brand Name and Logo display on the marker.
5. Check for the cap that should easily Fit to marker.
6. Ink of Marker should not spread during writing on Board.
7. Check for the Temporary/Permanent marker.
8. If the marker is Temporary, then anything written on the
board using this marker should be erasable with duster.
9. If the Marker is Permanent, Then written should not be
erasable with dry duster.
10. If the Marker is Permanent, then written text on board
should be erased using wet duster.

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tell me test cases for marker..

Answer / shabeena

1. Check the color of the marker.
2. Check the holding position of the marker.
3. Check the point(nib) of the marker.
4. Check Uniform spread of ink.
5. Check the marker, if we use it continuously, (Chk the ink
if it comes out).
6. Check the tightness of the cap.
7. Check what happen if we open and close the cap repeatedly.
8. Check can we refill the to the marker.
9. Check the logo of the company on the marker.
10.Try to use the marker after the ink is over in the
marker.(to check the finish of ink)
11. Fill the water into it, & then try to write.
12. write & see if the ink is erasable or not.

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tell me test cases for marker..

Answer / suneel

1. Try putting other colored ink in the marker and check
for marker's resistance and also try the output on

We can also have the following stress cases:
1. Drop the marker from a distance and check whether the
marker writes on the board.
2. Add some room temparatures and try writing the marker.
3. Write the marker over already written board.
4. Feed the marker to a machine which has exponential
writing speed when compared to avg human and then run it to
write on whiteboard.

1. Bring fresh marker, Write continuously till the ink is
over. Calculate the time and check with the actual
2. Open the marker, leave it for some time and then close
it and try writing. Check the performance.
3. Basic performance checks like:
Time taken for refilling;
Time taken for removing and closing the cap;
Time taken for the marker getting ready for writing after

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tell me test cases for marker..

Answer / tarique humayun

1.Check whether the marker color is same as ink color.
2.Check the size of marker pen.It should not be too long.
3.Check the cap of the marker.It should be easily in and out.
4.Check for the Language written in the marker(localization testing).
5.Check the hologram to avoid duplicacy.
6.Marker should write properly.
8.Date manufacturing.
9.Check the nib.
10.Check ink should not very light so that it can't visible.
11.Ink should not leak.
12.It should not dry immediatly.
13.It should be suitable for favoured temperature.
14.It easy to handle.
15.After writing it should be erasable(temporary marker).

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tell me test cases for marker..

Answer / savitha

continue to mark without breaking against gravity

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