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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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How can we calibrate the level interface for Fisher® FIELDVUE® DLC3000?if use water to calibrate and our liquid SG are 0.75 and 1 ,Displacer height=14" and How much should be set SG in trasmitter during calibrate,for URV and LRV how shold be set

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any one can send me instrumentation previous interview papers? I prepare for MNC Company Interviews? my mail id- , and another mail


What is the standard height for stancion supports?

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Drum level tx with GP4 with zero elevation:7300mmh20 on HP and 8050mmh2o on LP as range but on commissioning the tx readiing is max,Why this reading?


I am using Capacitive type level transmitter for measuring oil level in a closed tank (lub oil tank). The txs range is 1500mm, and they do hunt regularly (for about 45mm), can anybody tell what could be the reason??? or any other type level tx that could be used to avoid this?

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what is XV and KV valves?

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tell me the temp range of rtd?

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Thermocouple is a transducer but rtd is not transducer why? Both taking heat as a input and giving mv

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one rtd sensor which is connected at middle of distillation column where actual temp. is 100deg but when we tight this sensor at thermowell end it goes down to 90 deg & when remove from the thermowell(but sensor end dipped in well) showing actual reading, what is reason?

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what the pid setting in controller

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Why do we go for 4-20mA? why not other standara?

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Why some transmitter shows flow in MMWC and some in TPH?

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what is mean by hot loop and cold loop testing, whts different between both

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Any can guide for QA/QC Inspector in oil & gas region, the procedures, formats standards, design criteria, i search in all enginees but i can't found wat i need?????????

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in the flow caluclation k value how to caluclate.mass flow & volum flow.

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Which type of diagphram use in costic line,DM water line,natural gas line,oil line?


Type of level transmitter commnly used in Procees area are the following. a.________________This type of level transmitter works as follows


what is span value and zero ? and how set ?


what is the minimum power (P=VI)to produce a spark?


how works encoder in plc


key phaser where is use and work


how 3 out of 2 Logic/interlocks works? give brief explanation with help of diagram.


Hi, I am Newely Joined in Construction company instrument engineer? Any one can Plz tell me How can I advanced preparation for Releated Engineering and construction Documents?


what is the process for double acting cylinder pneumatic for 32' v/v


Explain ratio control system.


what is 24vdc live and dry supply


How will you calibrate PID controller? explain with example.


What is eddy current? Describe the operating principle of proximity probe.


pls suggest suitable MOC of diaphragm for pressure measurement of UREA grade solution service fluid.


Explain the mechanism behind the turbine meter.