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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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what is The specifications for oriface instalation


Types of contol loops

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p=hdg,please explain these parameters?

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In power plant to measure vibration of a turbine we install sensors. Before install this sensor we have to set gap voltage. What is meant by gap voltage and its use?


What is defferent betwen ESP &PCP PUMP .HOW IT IS WORK?



What is the detail function of I/O card in DCS ? Why we dont use the I/O directly with controller?

Kekran Mekran, TCE,

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why is the sleeve of the cable used for?


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I have observed in field instrumentation work... I remove the fuse of an analog transmitter then it shows 7.75 kg/sq cm (which is practically wrong value)in DCS and when put the fuse it shows 0 in dcs. Then cheach the field transmitter termination and found moister. clean that and then it shows 1.1 kg/ sq cm which is right value. Please describe the above phenomenon.

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What is compensation for flow ? Why we use compensation ? What are the factors of different compensation ? We not use then what problems may happen ?


In most process, speed of motor controlled by control system with a reference pot . Now if i start & it becomes uncontrollable, i.e.gets directly start & stop after certain time.Then which reasons can make such problem? can motor may be faulty?how?


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what is the deferance between LCN and UCN.

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why used three wire in RTD.


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How to gennerate earth leakage monitoring alarm for solenoid valves in control system?

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IS there any effect of vortex in low pressure side of the transmiter after the orific in feed water line? if yes then what is the calculation?


why we used for range in pnumatic 3-15 psi and current 4-20 ma?


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How many types of sensor


If fire would be inside the plant which fire detector is to detected the fire.


Draw a great bridge circuit.


what is span value and zero ? and how set ?


kindly sent some demo question and answer


What is the PLC configuration in Cement industry?


what is orfics working in main steam line. is it increase pressure, velocity of steam flow and dicrease steam flow rate. or any other


define feed forward control loop with example and drawing?


What is feed factor and its Importance in cement industry? How we can solve feed factor?.


What is loop1 and loop2 in MTS LT?


How does your previous experience relate to the job you are applying for ?


How can a d.p. Transmitter be calibrated?


What is the use of each wire in three wire RTD


I wnat to practice more online type questions .so will you show them me to take a practice test?


components of control circuit belongs to control valve