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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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what is flow and flowrate? definate and diffrentiate it? pls post a valid ans thanks in advance

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What the basic of communication?


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What is the difference between HMI and Scada?


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what is RPI and NUT in controlnet networx. what happen if we are increase the NUT of controlnet networx?


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what is the difference between Ethernet unmanaged and managed Switch?

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how to design orifice plate?what is the equation?



how can we caliberate interface level troll

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How we can check the 2 wire proxy switch? & how it is connected to DI MODULE OF PLC?


Regarding MOS (maintenance override switch), I want to know its function and its state ( 1 or 0 when not activated ). An example will be very helpful..thank you.

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how we calculate the range of flow from a dp?i mean if we have a dp,3810mm much flow ranges we can use for this DP?

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who to convert dc to ac


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can i use 1 sq mm insted of 1.5 sqmm cable cable length 600 mts under ground laying Cable carrying 24 vdc 4-20ma current

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why do we use 4-20 ma current why cant o-20ma

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how the 4 to 20 mA signal goes to any controller/indicator,and what is the role of voltage ,12/24 and how to do connection of it, in controller.

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Instrumentation engineer please reply me,I am electrical engineer ,what is the future in instrumentation dept {presently working (P&ID) Design} for me,whether good future for me as instrumentation department.what side can i get job in future

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Post New Instrumentation Questions

Un-Answered Questions { Instrumentation }

Questions on flow meters,few questions on HART protocol,


1.what is the effect of vapour presuure in orifice plate flow measurement 2.which is more effective 2 pressure sensors or one single differential pressure sensor in orifice plate measurement to design a v/i converter and i/v converter many type of thermocouple are there many leads are there in thermocouple measurement pressure sensors are connected in level measurement in differential pressure method 7.what is the output of capacitive pressure sensor (ac or dc),how its o/p is signal charactarized 8.what is the physical meaning of discharge coeeficient,why it is calculated,orifice plate what is its value,why it is less than 1,Q at upstream is equal to or not equal to Q at downstream of orifice plate why?what is vena contracta in orifice plate 9.why rotameter is called variable area flowmeter,it can measure flow even if area is not varying,why it is made tapered a 10 bit counter ,which counter you will prefer to remove self heating error in RTD 12.which is more sensitive pt100 or pt50 13.why thermocouple are connected in parallel 14.what is lead contact error in RTD,how to avoid 15.what is P,PI,PID,PD controller,why there is no ID controller 16.what is override,split range,sequential,ratio,feedforward,cascade controller 17.why we moved from SR to JK and then JK to master slave JK flipflop,give correct reason to measure level of a closed container which contains vapour and liquid,remember no vapour gas should be leaked,so ultrasonic and capacitive is not an option,design another method to design horse race counter including sensors and signal conditioning element 20.what is bevelling


How will you calibrate PID controller? explain with example.


What types of Instrumentation Related Questions can an Interviewer ask in a Telephonic Interview ?


Why 4-20 amps is being used in instruments? Why cant we use any other range instead of 4-20 amps? Why only 4 amps is taken as lower limit and why 20 amps is taken as the higher limit?


while am calibrating Drager polytron 2IR flame gas detector occured non zero can i get zero status?


What are the materials available to prepare individually for competetive exams in Instrumentation field? Plz reply...


Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures.


KAlman filter code for two dimension?


please tel me the calibration of pneumatic controler.


I have got a call of IOCL interview for projects having 2yrs experience. What sort of questions should I expect in the interview?


in differential pressure transmitter,min&max pressure range for hp&lp


What is voltage regulator?


how u calibrate sox nox co2 co in cemps?what is opacity n HPm?tell the standard parameters of cems?


Calibration procedure for electro magnetic flow meter