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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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What is the role of Integral in pid control?

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What is the differace between Volumatric flow meter and Mass flow meter.


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Why the Proximitor supply should be Negative voltage? Why should not we give Positive voltage to the Transducer?

Moser Baer,

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What is the Main principle and formula for the steam flow compensation?

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Whether the DP transmitter can be utilised in the medium of Vaccum for the measurement of Level?

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what is the difference between transmitter and converters?


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When a timer is placed in RS Logix 5000 with preset value less than its scan time it is malfunctioning. i.e., if the preset is set to 30ms still the timer TT bit is counting till 150ms(its scan time). Any solution for the problem?


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what is the difference between venturi and orifice meters?

Medha Servo Drives,

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what is cascade controller ?

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what is the role of proportional in process control?

OGDCL, Trident,

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pls tell me whethere flame proof HMI's are available or every HMI is manufactured by considering flame proof standard.

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plz you help about Que paper of mahagenco previous your,any model paper relad to it{maharastra power genration}



1. What means HART communicator / where it is used / how to use it? 2. Types of Thermocouples and its temperature ranges / output of thermocouple? 3. Types of RTDs and its temperature ranges / output of RTD? 4. Idea about Temperature Transmitters? 5. Difference between Analog and Digital signals? 6. Difference between “2 wire” and “4 wire” system / instruments? 7. Difference between “Potential” and “Potential free” contact? 8. Types of flow meters / transmitters? 9. Types of level transmitters? 10. Difference between “Power/Control” cable and “Instrument” cable? 11. What means “shield” and “screen” in cables / how it is useful? 12. Draw a schematic of closed loop circuit of flow / level / pressure / temperature? 13. Idea about calibration of Control valve / positioned / I/P? 14. How to bypass a digital/analog signal in PLC/DCS by hardwire and software?


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Why capacitive banks ar5e important?


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i have done DAE in Instrumentation and Process Control. i have applied for an apprentice training in chemical company after three day my interview will be conduct but i need more information about industrial process control and controller. my e mail is please tell me interview question relative to instrumentation ?


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What is force balance principle?


Linear amplifier.


I installed the smartplant instrument v8, but can not be opened, that always said: "INTools 2007 hardlock no found". So Could you help me how to do for that?


Sir , i have completed my M.Sc In Instrumentation and presently working in Maintenance department 3 yrs Exp , is there is any possible for work in offshore ..


Please any one can provide latest aptitude test,technical test and interview questions for tata consulting engineering (TCE) i need it asap thanks in advance


How does a single acting, spring return ball valve actually work? Does it require continuous air supply? 


what effects a surging can produce in the compressor


what about your moleg in pogrees with company


what is moisture probe? What are there types? What is there working principle and how they works? guys this is one of technical question I had ask in interview. If you know its answer please let me know. The interviewers were more interested in microwave moisture probe, so if you find its any link please just forward me on my mail Thanks in advance.


How to calibrate the flow transmitter


NSV type probe stands for


Exothermic reaction./ endothermic reaction


How u will setup SPI(2007) on Citrix Server (Thin Client Mode)? Plz Justify?


how many types of spped sensors n vibration sensors?their basic principle n connection?


1.what is the power consumption of three element drum level control in sugar industries? to reduce that?