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SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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FACTORING RTE=TKSOLL Set RTE-TKAU** Subtraction RTE*KGENAU Multiplication RTE/TKDIVI Division ADDWT * OT Output table Can anyone please explain with an example ,how calculation happens in this factoring need each and every step . Please expalain for WPBP also.


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can anyone help me about job in sap hr functional ,i have 1 yr experience ,and i dont have any idea .can anyone help me in regard of job ,i'll give six months salary to him?kindly do help me .

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Can u give Brief Explanation of configuration/customization ? What is the difference b/w both?


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Right now we are using 3 Version in sap hr 4.7 5.0 6.0 can u explani wt is the diffrences


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if there is any accident occured in industry because of the worker's negligence and there is material loss to industry and some organ loss to that worker. then what action should be taken by the industry and by the govt?pls answer under what act this case will be treated?

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1.which is hot module in SAP HR? 2. i am plaining to try only on Time Management and Payroll? These two are enough or i wnat to be very strong on another modules? 3. Also please help or suggest me which is another hot module to concentrate more? 4. Some minimum knowledge is enough on another modules like OM, PA, and e rceruiting...and concentrating more on payroll and time managemnet. please help me by providing detailed answer?


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best institute to learn SAP HR IN Bangalore?


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1. If I want to create 1000positions in OM then how u do that...upload r create? 2. What u can do in NUMKR feature? Dont say it is used to default number range....and what is the return code in NUMKR? 3. How many structures r there in OM? 4. On what basis U craete payscale types, payscale areas, payscale groups and payscale levels? 5. What is the diference between payscale area and personnel area?


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1.We use indirect valuation for HRA in wagetype characteristics so that the system calculates 40% r 50% for all employees...but if the client asks to calculate 30% for a particular employee then is there any chance to configure like that? 2.In their company there r 2 employee groups...regular, contract..both groups come under monthly basis but they pay salaries on 2 different dates for the 2 groups...then how many payroll areas we need to create?


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Good evening to the entire member Dear All I need your help ,I am a fresher in SAP HR just few days back I faced my first interview .I was asked very simple questioned which I answer to the panel , but failed to impress them as they were looking for the exact definition of the following terms , 1 :Personal area- Personal subarea 2: Cost centre: 3: Employees group –subgroup 4: Pay scale type- wage type 5:Applicant group –Applicant sub group 6:Info group 7: Difference between Simple maintenance & details maintenance If anyone can help me I will be great full to him

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Types of Wage Types? What are the characteristics of wages?


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1.what is transport request? 2.what are the security feature for SAP? 3.What is T-Code LSMW used for? 4.Can we extract payroll date, if it is yes, how? 5.What are Master Data infotypes and time data infotypes used for payroll? 6. what is the Tcode for creating positions. 7. what are Different Object types 8. What is infotype 0007? what are the fields in it. 9. What are features. what is the feature for daily work schedule? 10 what is Tcode PA10, PA20? 11. There are so many ERP's, why did you opt for SAP only? 12. one more question was on payroll ---like can the payroll data from payroll area k-y can be transfered. (which i did not understand)


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In supporting project, what are the Tickets generally we come across in payroll, personnel administration and Organizational management?



How to create schema and PCR. Can any body explain me the steps involved in this.

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How to create payslip? What is the steps involved in these?


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What actually happens in real time recruitment?


Which are period end closing jobs in company?


How can we give abscence quota's for a group of employees.


How do you create the project img?


which two criteria determine the payroll areas?


What are matrix organizational structures?


What is the use of cycle work bench


What is the lgmst feature?


What is the collective agreement provision (cap)?


I am working at ADP in HR/PAYROLL process now i want to learn SAP HR will it help me out to get a job with the domain knowledge and i hold 2 years exp in HR Payroll. can i keep my cv as having 2years domain knowledge do companies hire if i have domain knowledge kindly advice on this.


what feature is used to create an applicant number range?


What are the steps you would take to create the payroll area.


What is the use of it 0003 ?


Explain controlling area. What are its uses? How do you assign it?


What is the difference between payroll area, payscale area and personnel area?