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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Material Determination Issue while posting billing document. I am taking about the standard process of SAP. Just try entry with Outcome as A while defining substitute reason and then process the order. It will show both the old and new material with item category as TAX and TAPS respectively. TAX for non- stock item- means as of now the material is not available. TAPS- the new material which has replaced the old material. Now, if you will see the configuration of item category TAX and TAPS in IDES, it would be more clearer as I mentioned in the first update. The only issue is - I am facing a problem in billing. Now if you re-consider my post, I guess it would be more clearer. However, the issue is that in billing its not showing the right price. Please suggest. Configuration - Item category- TAX- Old material. Billing relevance- A Stats- X Pricing- NO Item Category- TAPS- New materail Billing Relevance- A Stats- NO Pricing- Yes Because I want both the material in billing, so billing relevance is A. And I want the price of new material so for TAPS pricing - Yes. But every time I am trying system is taking the price of TAX. Not sure why? If I make it as vice- verse, thinking lets take the price of new material, now the system is taking the price of old .


Is there any one who can teach me SAP CIN ? I am ready to pay him. Presently I am in PUNE Location. Please Contact me its Urgent - 09987059674, E-Mail ID :


Is there any one who can teach me SAP SD CIN ? I am ready to pay him. Presently I am in PUNE Location. Please Contact me its Urgent - 09987059674, E-Mail ID : Possible to me Teaching Location MUMBAI AND PUNE Location.


Can anyone tell me in consignment which process is liable for availability check? Thanks, Tarun


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How you identified whether this order is make to order or maket to stock in Order Level ?

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Hai, Please post all SAP SD Q&A to my emailid:



I have 10 years exp in SAP Enduser, 1 month back i have completed by courese. Please suggest

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In IPO process without MIRO can I create invoice to customer?

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Can a sales order, delivery & billing can be done with item quantity zero


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Can we have two pricing procedure in one sakes order

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My client want to generate one idocs for every change in material pertains to sales org 1710 and distribution channel 10 only..I have created one distribution model at bd64 and also added filteration functionality for sales org 1710 and dist channel 10.....Now I am able to generate one master I docs if I use other sales areas also..such as Sales org 1010 and dist channel 10...which should not be generate...Please suggest me where the settings need to be done to avoid generating idoc other than sales org 1710 and dist channel 10...

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Hi! all, in SAP SD, I'm creating a customer in Tcode: XD01 & Im able to save the Customer & an Number is assigned for the following Customer through the Internal Number that has been assigned to the relevant Account Group. Everything is going fine till I the system generates the Customer Number. But when I check for the same Customer Number in XD02 / XD03, I get an Error saying that - "The Customer doesn't exist or not created". I have checked the Number Ranges & they are perfectly assigning the number sequence but I'm unable to retrieve the Customer info from the CMR. The Customer created is also not visible in the Tcode: VCUST. Could anyone help me resolve this particular issue, at the earliest please.


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Hi this sainath iam planning to do SAP SD earlierly i have experience in sales field for 4 years can i get job in sap sd and how is the growth in this field pls help me

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what is the use of delivery and billing documents header and item


Order types, why do we need to create our order types and not use the standard ones during implementation.


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Can any body please send sap sd foreign trade user manuals..


What table do I use in creating abap program that would output the sales based on sales organization of customers?


What is the business process of excise tax and how do you relate that in sap?


What is a field catalog?


Why do you have different sales document types in r/3?


Change of sales document a sales document type of a sales order can be changed after getting saved. How do you do this?


What exactly is automatic posting can you explain?


what is purpose of maintaining common distribution channels and common division??????


client wants to have sales of particular material area wise. How to write functional spec for this


What is higher level item category? How it’s controlled?


Can the items in a billing document belong to different distribution channels?


i have one sold to party that sold to party have 1000 ship to party but if create order system should take always 80 number ship to party how can you do this?


I have advance payment scenario where customer want advance payment cannot be used against another sales order and against any credit limit. Let me put one example. Customer X is having credit limit of 1000 USD, if my client is received customized product order then he will take advance for this special order but customer X is already enjoying credit limit of 1000 USD. In this scenario my client wants advance payment received cannot use against any sales order and against any credit limit. If I will post advance payment in F-29 then customer credit exposure will decrease against credit limit in FD32 which will affect normal sales order credit limit. Here customer does not want to utilize advance payment against credit limit of customer which is use for normal sales order. Please suggest


What is a sales area, how do you set up sales area?


In Intercompnay Billing scenario, Does Idocs get posted as we delivery is done from other plant and also the Intercompnay billing happens in the prcess. Though we have the same ERP system i.e. SAP only for all transactions.