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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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hi friends, could you tell me how to login in ecc6 after creating new client. what will be username and password for new client in ECC6.0?

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how can we transport customize request? pls give me some step.


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Hi , Can any one tell me , How to take back up to local disk . And also tell me where i need to change the parameters to take back up , please give me the list of parameters and appropriate values. Please provide me the steps to take back up.......

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Dear all, I m looking out a Remote Support Service for SAP BASIS opperation, my entire database is within my company only, and we are currently using SAP 4.7, we also looking for upgratation to ECC 6.0. Can any one suggest me who the company is beetr for Upgradation as well as REMOTE BASIS SUPPORT. kindly provide me the PRICE for Remote SAP BASIS SUPPORT SERVICES. Thanks in advance

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Explain Client Compare and Maintenance Tools available in SAP?

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Explain Local Client Copy ?

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How do u Monitor and Troubleshoot client copy in SAP?

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Explain Client Export in SAP?

Cap Gemini,

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Explain Client Import in SAP?

AMA, Cap Gemini,

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Explain ECC 6 Installation steps in brief?


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what is mean by SAP?

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how can we activated profile parameter for disable multiple logon? i have already tried parameter: login/disable_multiple_login_gui=1. but its not affect to sap system. pls give me some step.

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when i did run cccleaner, i had lost my sapmmc console tree.i can see sapr/3 system option under console i am not able to start my can get resolve of this problem. please any one suggest get rid outoff this.

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What is the size of oracle redo log file and what is the use of oraarch directory in oracle?

Aegis, HCL, TCS,

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How many types of Work Process.and types of roles. how will assign the role to the user.


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Where do you check transport request logs?


What are the activities you done in EP?


Is there any report or table in which user log off time is stored in sap?


I also wanna work with Webdynpros? What are the requirements? I mean SAP 4.7 ee or ECC 5 or 6? Netweaver developer Studio? Also with win 2003 i have the activation problem every month. SO do i get a cd that doesnt ask for the activation? i have win 2000 but can it be installed on HP pavilion laptops that are coming preinstalled with Vista OS?


What is the difference between kernel replacement and support package?


Explain what is luw (logical unit of work)?


what post steps and pre steps db refresh


What will you do if u got Update failure?


How will go about doing a client copy ?


What is the difference between developer trace, system log and system trace?


I want to change five dialog work processes into batch. Where can I do this?


Mention what is the difference between sdm and jspm?


what is the difference b/w 4.7EE & ECC5.0?


What are the categories to execute sap background jobs?


What is the use of profile paramater ztta/roll_area?