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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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What is response time?

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What is roll in and roll out?

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What is V1 and V2?

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What will you do when spool process fails?

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Hi Shridher, Would you please send me an SAP CRM question and Answer to Thanks, siri


How R3 systems are communicated?

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What is central user administration and its uses?

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How do set the alert monitors?RZ20.

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diff between SM50 and SM66?

Cap Gemini,

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diff between remote client copy and client transport?

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what are client settings?


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what is client copy?

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Diff between local client copy and remote client copy?

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If any errors coming during transport where it will be recorded and how will you rectify?transport log and active log


Buffer monitoring?

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP Basis }

On a particular system how you can get a list of the users with development access on a particular system?


In my portal ABAP + JAVA I get a bootstrap error message how do I resolve this erroe


I am attempting to complete a system copy of bw. When I try to go in to rsa1 afterwards I get the error message, "entry in inbound table already exists." What should I do to solve the problem?


List the difference between asynchronous and synchronous transport?


Explain deletion flag?


Can any one tell me some real time errors you got for support pack apply, During transport request export-import and for db dackup.


Screenshot document for solution manager installation.


When we are doing cash sales, free goods and discount, How many pricing procedure do we need to create..? Only one PP required or have to create multiple PP..? and how many condition type we need to create..?


Hi i have 2.10 yrs of experience on Sap Basis...been working as a sap basis consultant.but unable to get through MNC companies...On what criteria does HR select the candidate.does my academics matter coz they are not good thou i am a graduate


Where can you find a list of object keys included in a transport?


please share sap basis admin interview questions .. thanks sadik


Can anyone help me in educating me in installing SAP 4.6C over windows server 2000. Please make it a step by step process, my career depends upon the success and failure of installation.


What is JVM switch. Why JVM switch is required ?


Do you know logon groups at which situation will be created logon group?


What are common transport errors and their codes?