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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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if i want to limit the condition record validity for forst 10 orders how can i do tht plz ans i hve interview in 2/3 days



If sechuduled backup through db13, but it is not triggered?


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what is role and authorisation


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What is the main difference between sap and erp.

Base Automation,

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while scheduling backup in background using db13, which brtool activity runs?

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how to check the TRANS directory size and what is its default value?

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Why there should be atleast 2 Dialog Wp per instance?


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friends ..... i hava a question, i have to assign sm36,3m37,su01 has to assign to a user with only options (display ,create).how can ia assign this to user? need quick reply......


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sir/mam i m fresher for sap basis i need resume format for interview i have worked with HCL infosystems Ltd. for Last 4and 1\2 year as a technical suppoert and i know about logistic process in SAP...please any one help me send it to my E-mail id (

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As per your process, Lets say someone asked you access for SAP_ALL and you got approval from the business head to assign but you did not get approval from the Security head. In this case, what will you do?

Infosys, Spine Infoway,

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How can one send and receive emails in SAP what is the procedure to send and receive emails through SAP Application a brief description?

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What is the command to see the list of TCodes ?

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What is OSCollector and where can one see whether OSCollector is running or not what is the path of OSCollector?

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Where can one see Archived files and what is the Tcode?

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If i want to increase Dialog WP in process what is the procedure to increase the Dialog WP?

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Hi,My name is Saurabh I have done BMS & currently working in Wipro BPO (1 year). I want to pursue my career in SAP. As I am totally new in the IT field(no course & no experience) Please could you suggest whether to do a certification from Certified institutes or Non Certified institutes.What is the difference? Also, Is MBA necessary to do certification from Certified institutes?


What is the importance of table t000?


What is the difference between kernel replacement and support package?


How you can assign an object to 100 roles at time?


What is the purpose of support package?


What is you allocate disks to different areas in sap?


What is the difference between – support package, kernel and sap note?


What are the different login and password parameters that can be applied in sap system?


In what ways you would know whether a system is unicode or non-unicode?


What are the different types of job status? Can you unschedule an active job?


How to assign a mass Tables in Auth Group by using T-code:se54


what are the pros and cons of auto extend of table spaces?


What is redolog file? Path?


What is the difference between central instance & application server?


What is the difference between Party & Service without party in XI (ID)?