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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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What is logical system?

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Have you done load balancing?

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What is the SAP Buffer hit ration?

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What are the parameter file in oracle ? What is the use?

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Difference between init.ora and listener.ora?

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Have you done any parameter changes using configtool and visual admin tool?


What are the activities you done in EP?


How you create solmon key? Procedure?

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Did you configure automatic mail send and receive? How?

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How to know the status of saposcol in unix? How to stop and start?

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How to find SAP up or not in Unix? What is the command?

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How you find listener up or not in unix?

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What is SLD and its usage?

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If java server got strucked or stopped?

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Where XML file is generated in solution manager?


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the difference between part number and serial number


what are the pros and cons of auto extend of table spaces?


What is the purpose of tdevc ?


If I want only transaction data to be copied.What profile should I select, while doing local client copy within the same apllication server. Else is there any other way to perform above task?


What is JVM switch. Why JVM switch is required ?


when ever i try to installed sap ecc6.0 sr2 on single system. it show error on phase import abap "Not all objects are successfully processed. DIAGNOSIS: for details see output file with invalid object invalid_objects.txt and log file object_checker.log . SOLUTION: normally it indicate the data load error but in some special cases( for example if some object were created or loaded externally) you can press ok to continue" here error sentence is complete. pls tell what actual error its? is it kernel file related?


Explain logon groups?


Explain reference and service user in sap. What are their uses?


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you want to do a system-copy. List the steps you will take.


in oracle script @? "?" question mark means what it indicate?


A transport is imported into QAS in 2 min. time the same transport when imported into PRD is taking more than 20 min. why? What to do?


What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous transport?


how would you troubleshoot the 'user cannot connect to sap'?


What is difference between oracle 9i and oracle 10g?