C++ General Interview Questions
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Difference between Top down and bottom up approaches for a given project ?

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What and all can a compiler provides by default?

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What are the different operators in C++?


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What is the difference between method and message?


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What is difference between initialization and assignment?

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when can we use copy constructor?


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Describe functional overloading?


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Difference between Overloading and Overriding?

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Difference between Operator overloading and Functional overloading?


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What is virtual constructor paradigm?


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when can we use virtual destructor?

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What is the difference between Class and Structure?

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What is size of null class?


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Is structure can be inherited?

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How the V-Table mechanism works?


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write a corrected statement in c++ so that the statement will work properly. x = y = z + 3a;


what are the iterator and generic algorithms.


A prime number is a number which is divisible only by itself and 1. Examples of the first few primes are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11. Consider writing a program which can generate prime numbers for you. Your program should read in and set a maximum prime to generate and a minimum number to start with when looking for primes. This program should be able to perform the following tasks: 1. Read the maximum number from user (keyboard input) to look for primes. The program should not return any primes greater than this number. 2. Read the minimum number from user (keyboard input) to look for primes. The program should not return any primes less than this number. 3. Generate and print out every prime number between the maximum prime and minimum number specified by the user.


I want to write a C++ language program that: 1. Reads in the size of a square from the screen; 2. Prints a hollow square of that size out of “-“, “|” and blanks on screen; 3. Prints the same hollow square onto a text file. The program should work for squares of all side sizes between 1 and 20.


Write a corrected statement in c++ so that the statement will work properly. if (4 < x < 11) y=2*x;


Given the following seqment of code containing a group of nested if instructions: y = 9; if ((x==3) || (x == 5)) y++; else if (x == 2) y *= 2; else if (x == ) y-= 7; else y = 8; if the value of x is 4 before the nested IFs are executed, what is the value of y after the nested IFs are executed?


what is c++


Perform addition, multiplication, subtraction of 2-D array using Operator Overloading.


Am pass the 10000 records to target in target I will take commit interval 15000 when I was stop the work flow what will happened


how can i access a direct (absolute, not the offset) memory address? here is what i tried: wrote a program that ask's for an address from the user, creates a FAR pointer to that adress and shows it. then the user can increment/decrement the value in that address by pressing p(inc+) and m(dec-). NOW, i compiled that program and opened it twice (in 2 different windows) and gave twice the same address to it. now look what happen - if i change the value in one "window" of the program, it DOES NOT change in the other! even if they point to the same address in the memory! here is the code snippet: //------------------------------------------------------ #include //INCLUDE EVERY KNOWN HEADER FILE #include //FOR ANY CASE... #include #include #include main() { int far *ptr; //FAR POINTER!!! long address; char key=0; //A KEY FROM THE KEYBOARD int temp=0; clrscr(); cout<<"Enter Address:"; cin>>hex>>address; //GETS THE ADDRESS clrscr(); (long)ptr=address; temp=*ptr; //PUTS THE ADDRESS IN THE PTR cout<<"["<


how to explain our contribution in the project?


Draw a flow chart and write a program for the difference between the sum of elements with odd and even numbers. Two dimensional array.


write asingle linked list which read from two list & the do the following 1 sort the prime & nonprime num (prime should be less tn nonprime) 2 each node has a prime num followd by nonprime 3 add a new node into its sutable plce 4 erase the most three duplicated non prime num 5 find the least duplicated prime num


give me an example for testing a program showing the test path .show how the test is important and complex.


Write a single instruction that will store an EVEN random integer between 54 and 212 inclusive in the variable myran. (NOTE only generate EVEN random numbers)