C++ Interview Questions
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What is Copy Constructor?

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What is an abstract class?


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What is the difference between creating an object, using 'new' and using 'malloc'?

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What is a virtual base class?


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What is OOPS and How it is different from Procedural Programming ?

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Difference between Top down and bottom up approaches for a given project ?

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What and all can a compiler provides by default?

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What are the different operators in C++?


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What is the difference between method and message?


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What is difference between initialization and assignment?

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when can we use copy constructor?


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Describe functional overloading?


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Difference between Overloading and Overriding?

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Difference between Operator overloading and Functional overloading?


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What is virtual constructor paradigm?


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A company pays its salespeople on a commission basis. The salespeople receive $200 per week plus 9 percent of their gross sales for that week. For example, a saleperson who sells $5000 worth of merchandise in a week receives $200 plus 9 percent of $5000, or a total of $650. You have been supplied with a list of items sold by each salesperson. The values of these items are as follows: Item Value A 239.99 B 129.75 C 99.95 D 350.89 Write a program that inputs one salesperson's items sold in a week (how many of item A? of item B? etc.) and calculates and displays that salesperson's earnings for that week.


write a code for this:trailer recordId contains a value other than 99, then the file must error with the reason ‘Invalid RECORD_ID’(User Defined Exception).


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what's the basic's in dot net


Write a program to implement OOPS concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism, friend function, operator overloading?


Write an algorithm that determines whether or not an almost complete binary tree is a heap.


Write a program to reverse a string using recursive function?


#include #include #include #include void insert(char *items, int count); int main(void) { char s[255]; printf("Enter a string:"); gets(s); insert(s, strlen(s)); printf("The sorted string is: %s.\n", s); getch(); return 0; } void insert(char *items, int count) { register int a, b; char t; for(a=1; a < count; ++a) { t = items[a]; for(b=a-1; (b >= 0) && (t < items[b]); b--) items[b+1] = items[b]; items[b+1] = t; } } design an algorithm for Insertion Sort


is there any choice in opting subjects like 4 out of 7


If a=5, b=6, c=7, b+=a%c*2. What is the final value of b?


how to get the oracle certification? send me the answer


Get me a number puzzle game-program


When we use Abstract Class and when we use Interface?where we will implement in real time?


what is the sylabus for priliminaries?


write a corrected statement in c++ so that the statement will work properly. x = y = z + 3a;